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3:AM Top 5: Tony O’Neill

Tony O’Neill used to play keyboards in a band called Kenickie, for Marc Almond and for The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Derailed by heroin, quickie marriages and crack abuse, he turned to writing, kicking out Digging the Vein, his semi-autobiographical novel which is already being touted by Cathi Unsworth and Toby Litt as an underground classic. He is the author of Seizure Wet Dreams and Songs from the Shooting Gallery, and his collaboration with NFL football player Jason Peter, Hero of the Underground, “a portrait of red-blooded jock as monster dope fiend,” is due out in July. His new novel, Down and Out on Murder Mile, will be published later this year by Harper Perennial. Tony has contributed ‘Hell in a Hand Cart’ to 3:AM London, New York, Paris, and of his story he says: “I urge all New Yorkers, or those visiting New York to go and see the Coney Island I write about in my story in the book, before the developers move in and turn it into another vomit-inducing rabbit warren for yuppies.” He’s currently listening to:

1. ‘Straight To Bunny Lee Head,’ – The Observers
2. ‘Jesus,’ – The Velvet Underground
3. ‘Yellow Eyes,’ – The Gun Club
4. ‘Di Gun Fever,’ – Yabby You and Trinity at King Tubbys
5. ‘Fixin’ To Die,’ – Bukka White

First posted: Friday, March 7th, 2008.

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