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Buzzwords » Andy Blade: Plastic Penny & The Strange Wooden Horse (published 01/08/2016)

By Nick Ashton. Andy Blade’s marks his return to the fray with a new album set for a September release, along with accompanying touring schedule that will see him performing not just all over the UK, but for the first time ever, in Japan and the US towards the end of the year, and into […]

Buzzwords » Andy Blade / Prince Albert, Brighton (published 05/05/2016)

By Nick Ashton. Whilst most of Andy Blade’s peers have disappeared up their own backsides by now, he continues to defy expectation, releasing music that is far more edgy and vital than anything Morrissey/Lydon/Weller/Jones/Strummer et al, have ever produced. Blade’s command over an audience — large or small (as is the case tonight) — comes […]

Buzzwords » 3:AM Top 5: Andy Blade (published 05/11/2005)

Andy Blade, who used to be a face on the early London punk scene when he fronted Eater, is back in the news. He has just released an excellent solo album — his first in a decade — entitled Treasure Here (out on Cherry Red Records). To coincide with the album release, Cherry Red have […]

Reviews » Make my day… and night: a review of Punk is Dead (published 25/10/2017)

Andy Blade, singer, reminisces declaring, punk’s not dead, it’s in a coma. His is the most honest appraisal in the book. From the seminal NOW FORM A BAND chord instruction in Sideburns fanzine, he says the louder, messier, Oi! side of punk – which won out with bands like Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, Boomtown Rats, UK Subs – taking its throne because Punk Rock itself is intellectual, and its ‘art angle had been dispensed with for the simple reason that art intellectuals generally don’t sell shitloads of records, and arty intellectualism does not go down too well in places like Wrexham, Luton, Milton Keynes, or North Wales – because the general public live in these shitty little places, and they don’t get it.

By Kirsty Allison.

Buzzwords » Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night (published 02/09/2017)

Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night, the book I’ve co-edited and co-written, is published by Zero Books on 27th October. It is composed of three elements, all mixed up: — A (slightly) more theoretical approach than you’ll usually find in this kind of book (there’s an interview with philosopher Simon Critchley, for instance, or […]

Essays » Adolescent Sex – Pistols (published 30/06/2017)

As a young wannabe pop star, it would have been very convenient to have her on my side, with the long list of conquests and connections she’d made over the years. Indeed, her current boyfriend, whom she would later marry, was the figurehead of the burgeoning Punk Rock movement that had recently exploded onto the London music scene. Winning the trust of VIPs, my manager explained to me, was an essential pursuit, a perk of the trade, if you will, because, as we all know, a gift horse should never be looked in the mouth. I could sense how serious he was about this, constantly on the lookout for a good press angle by which to sell my band, as he was. His association with Malcolm McLaren, the notorious Sex Pistols manager, had given him ideas, but whereas McLaren was an intelligent guy, our manager wasn’t.

Channelling Joseph Andrews’ encounter with Lady Booby, Andy Blade recalls being seduced by the King of Punk’s girlfriend.

Essays » Sheena is a Trump Rocker (published 17/03/2017)

All of a sudden, however, everyone’s a fucking expert on fucking everything. Twenty year old kids coming across like they’ve been up against the political rockface all their lives, loving the sound of their own voices on YouTube, as they put the world to rights, eulogising away in their irritating, squeaky, upspeak manner, telling us what ‘the thing’ is, and letting us know how messed up the rest of us really are. This supposedly well meaning movement, peopled almost exclusively by the pampered middle classes of all ages, and their whiny offspring, are bound together in their utter hatred of Brexit and Donald Trump.

By Andy Blade.

Buzzwords » 3:AM Awards 2009 (published 21/12/2009)

3:AM NOVEL OF THE YEAR 2009 Blake Butler‘s Scorch Atlas. 3:AM GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE YEAR 2009 Seth‘s George Sprott. 3:AM POETRY BOOK OF THE YEAR 2009 Adelle Stripe‘s Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid and Cigarettes in Bed (both on Blackheath Books). 3:AM NON-FICTION BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2009 Tom Bradley‘s Put It Down […]

Essays » Genetically-Modified Islam (published 06/09/2007)

1336901987_9ea1fdd829.jpgThe Koran appeals to extremists because it is extreme in so much of what it has to say. It appears to actively encourage scornful, hateful violence on people like me — the unbelievers, the ‘kafirs’ [unbelievers]. The kafirs, you see, are as guilty as hell.

Andy Blade sheiks, rattles and rolls.

Essays » Re: Islam Calling (published 11/07/2007)

bed.jpg I consider myself a Muslim, even if Andy Blade would dismiss me as not a “real-deal” Muslim. Like the fundamentalists, he holds a simplistic view of Islam in which there’s no room for movement. While respecting Andy as a musician, I’m thankful to say that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Michael Muhammad Knight responds to Andy Blade.