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Buzzwords » Lars Iyer and David Winters in conversation: Heffers Bookshop, Cambridge, 30th October (published 23/10/2014)

If you’re in (or near!) Cambridge on 30th October, do come along to Heffers Bookshop and see Lars Iyer discuss his new novel, Wittgenstein Jr., with 3:AM’s co-editor in chief, David Winters. Tickets for the event can be bought here. More info from Heffers: Lars Iyer, in conversation with literary critic David Winters, will discuss Lars’ […]

Buzzwords » summer reading: david winters (published 30/06/2014)

By David Winters, Co-Editor-in-Chief @davidcwinters It’s that time of year again: over the next week or so, we’ll be running a series of posts detailing what 3:AM’s editorial team are reading over the summer. We’ve recently recruited some brilliant new editors, including Joanna Walsh and K. Thomas Kahn, so you’ll be hearing from them, as […]

Buzzwords » summer reading at 3:am: david winters (published 15/07/2013)

David Winters, 3:AM’s co-editor in chief (twitter: @davidcwinters): My summer reading got off to a good start, with Sergio De La Pava’s A Naked Singularity (yes, I know; I came late to this one) followed by Rachel Kushner’s rousing The Flamethrowers (I have a short review of this coming soon). Like Greg, I’ve also been revisiting Guy […]

Interviews » An Interview Without Gordon Lish (published 09/07/2018)

The conditional nature of a work of art voiced in Lish’s regret—what he meant to do—is known to anyone who creates: very rarely are we not beset with contingencies, interruptions, and limitations that prevent untrammeled expression of our original intent. If we’re very lucky, the ‘something else’ that happens instead is an improvement over what we imagined we would make.

By Carrie Cooperider.

Buzzwords » Pure Hollywood / Egress: Sheffield, 10 June (published 04/06/2018)

Sentinel, 178 Shoreham St, Sheffield, 10 June. 3:AM co-editor in chief David Winters will join And Other Stories and La Biblioteka to celebrate the publication of Christine Schutt’s new short story collection, Pure Hollywood. Read Winters’ 2013 interview with Schutt in The Quarterly Conversation here and his essay on her previous novel, Prosperous Friends, here. A story from Pure Hollywood, ‘A Happy Rural Seat of […]

Interviews » The indie press interviews 4: Andrew Latimer (published 09/11/2017)

With low overheads and an often episodic operating status, the small independent press is nicely placed to snap up the most innovative literature going at the moment. To take the risks. Meaning that small presses are no longer just outfits set up to publish your or your friends’ work. They have something genuinely important to offer.

Tristan Foster interviews Andrew Latimer of Little Island Press.

Buzzwords » Reader offer: The Digital Critic (published 01/10/2017)

Publisher O/R Books is offering 3:AM readers a discount on pre-orders of The Digital Critic: Literary Culture Online, edited by Houman Barekat, Robert Barry and 3:AM co-editor in chief David Winters. The book, which will be published in December 2017, is a collection of seventeen essays exploring the impact of the digital revolution on many aspects […]

Buzzwords » Staff changes + Calls for submissions (published 21/08/2017)

Tristan Foster Tristan Foster will join 3:AM founder Andrew Gallix and David Winters as a Co-editor in chief. He will continue to accept your reviews and nonfiction submissions.   Isabella Streffen Welcome to Isabella Streffen who joins the team as a Contributing editor. She is now accepting reviews and nonfiction submissions with a focus on […]

Buzzwords » Revenge of the Spoken: A Celebration of Gordon Lish (published 04/08/2017)

To celebrate the publication of Gordon Lish’s White Plains (Little Island Press, 2017), Hotel, Little Island Press, and Locomotrix are pleased to co-host an evening of readings of and around Lish’s work. Chaired by 3:AM‘s David Winters, the program will include readings from Claire-Louise Bennett, David Hayden, Will Eaves and a pre-recorded lecturette from Lish himself, […]

Buzzwords » The Digital Critic (published 01/08/2017)

A new book about online literary culture, co-edited by 3:AM’s David Winters. What do we think of when we think of literary critics? Enlightenment snobs in powdered wigs? Professional experts? Cloistered academics? Through the end of the 20th century, book review columns and literary magazines held onto an evolving but stable critical paradigm, premised on […]