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Buzzwords » 3:AM in Lockdown 47: Stewart Home (published 30/04/2020)

What a Way to Run a Railroad By Stewart Home.   Although lockdown in the UK officially began at 10pm on 23 March 2020, for me it started a month before. I was supposed to be giving some lectures in Hong Kong but they were postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak in China. […]

Buzzwords » Stewart Home, Louis Armand and Johnny Pulp (published 22/10/2018)

  Stewart Home, Louis Armand and Johnny Pulp read from their new books. 10th November, 8.00pm onwards. The Wheatsheaf: 25 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JB Stewart Home’s Re-Enter The Dragon. Genre Theory, Bruceploitation and the Sleazy Joys of Lowbrow Cinema is ‘HEAD KICKING BRICK BREAKING MAYHEM! Stewart Home’s going point to point so we can start […]

3:AM Asia » Reviews » Stewart Home’s Bruceploitation Groove (published 13/10/2018)

If you look carefully there’s something about all of Home’s work that remains consistent. He’s interested in forms of cultural work that is marginal but marginal for a reason. It’s often a sleazy, porny, low-brow sentimentalism he develops and pivots off, one that appeals to clear-cut psychological gratifications rather than sly rational evidence for whatever. He doesn’t waste time on normative theory for consumption by bourgeoise academics and vanguardists of both left and right. He is trying to work out and understand the mechanisms by which Marxist psychology and epistemology works which entails in part understanding better the Marxist theory of ideology.

Richard Marshall reviews Stewart Home‘s new book on Bruceploitation.

Interviews » Defiant Pose Revisited: An Interview with Stewart Home (published 24/03/2017)

I wrote it in 1989 and so it was actually written 27 years ago, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good I found the book when I reread it. I didn’t discuss it with anyone at the time, and got various friends of mine to pose as me for press interviews. I didn’t do any readings from it until 1993 either. I knew the scene in which the main character Terry Blake recites Abiezer Coppe was a groove sensation because I still read it. Well recite it, I got the idea to recite my work live in part from that passage, since I wanted to mirror what the narrator was doing, although generally I’m not also getting a blow job while I’m reciting that piece in public.

Bridget Penney interviews Stewart Home.

Reviews » Stewart Home’s po-mo homer (published 29/12/2013)

Stewart Home’s ecstatic absurdity is an assault on modern culture bringing a Homeric pre-Socratic anti-Platonism to the table on the twin-back fun-ride of the funky German materialism started in the 1850s and the materialist-based Marxism a little later.

Richard Marshall on Stewart Home’s Proletarian Post-Modernism.

Essays » Stewart Home vs Heidegger (published 23/04/2012)

again2Home has always been political. He attacks lazy green anarchists because of their racism. He attacks high culture for the same anti-fascist reasons. Conversation and internationalism and peace is what his underlying mission is. He identifies with Black Atlantic movements and claims a radical inauthenticity since 1962. Everything in Home is apportioned to scribble over every idea Heidegger ever had. High culture is just the obvious site of his attention. It confuses some critics who can’t quite work out what their problem is . So they ask of his novels: Are they extreme pulp? Are they po-mo jokes? Are they anti-novels? And his art generally confuses people who are really still hung up with Heideggerian notions of authenticity and want to find something serious in modern high art.

Richard Marshall on the Stewart Home retrospective, Again, A Time Machine.

Essays » In Bed with Tracey Emin & Stewart Home (published 20/05/2011)

artstrikebedWhat strange bedfellows Emin and Home make. Two artists so utterly different that they are almost each other’s opposites, if such a thing were possible. What they do share perhaps is a punk attitude, but not much else. Emin is truly an artist of her time, whether you rate her work or not. Like reality television she is uncomplicated, exhibitionist, soul-baring and embarrassing . She has become an art establishment figure, measured in fame and money, Tory-supporting and angry about paying higher rate tax, political only in a Daily Mail sense. Home on the other hand remains anti-establishment, avant-garde and a communist. His work is oblique, opaque, avowedly non-personal and overtly political, as likely to attack anarchists and counter-culture figures as capitalism or the monarchy. Where Emin is mercurial and sexually traumatised, Home is detached and playful. Emin tells you her truth, and Home challenges you about the nature of truth and its perception. Emin is television, Home is internet.

By Andrew Scott-Bolton.

Buzzwords » Stewart Home in Paris (published 14/03/2011)

On Saturday 19 March, Stewart Home will be in conversation with Florence Ostende at Galerie Martine Aboucaya (5 rue Sainte Anastase, 75003 Paris), to promote the French edition of Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie (Rites sanglants de la bourgeoisie). The event is free and begins at 5.30pm.

Reviews » Utopian Connotations and Stewart Home Industries (published 01/09/2007)

lf.jpgThe study builds upon Piaget’s theory of moral development in children, extending his concepts into the sphere of political morality and choice. A series of hypotheses is offered, and tests are used to measure whether Piaget’s theories are relevant to judgments about political matters. The findings from the interviewing provide strong support for the thesis that moral development theory has major utility in the study of political socialization.

Interviews » Stewart Home (published 09/04/2007)

ncro.gifI think there is a lot to be criticised about so called Web 2.0 (centralisation, commercialisation, profit capitalism etc.), but it also marks the onset of the web as a real mass phenomenon, where it is really changing the social environment and where one can’t ignore it. We’ve got now what the hype was telling us we’d have a dozen years ago.

Stewart Home becomes the only author to have three interviews on 3:AM, courtesy of Michael K.