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Buzzwords » Caleb woz ere (published 18/01/2010)

Caleb J. Ross finished up his blog orgy tour in support of his recently published Charactered Pieces with a week-long stint on Buzzwords. Here’s his week digested: Brought to you by Caleb J Ross. The first name in durability. The last name in class Caleb’s welcome post Part one in a one part series of […]

Buzzwords » 3:AM Reloaded (published 17/01/2010)

What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently: Fiction: ‘Lesson for My Son III’, an excerpt from badbadbad, a multimedia novel by Jesús Ángel García; ‘Ceramica’ by Catherine Foulkrod Reviewed: John Holten on Dalkey Archive’s Best European Fiction 2010 Interviewed: Caleb J. Ross, guest blogger on Buzzwords last week, puts five questions to Black Coffee […]

Buzzwords » AWP and me (published 16/01/2010)

By Caleb J. Ross. I won’t be your humble messenger in April. Unfortunately (for me, not you, I assure you) my stint here at 3:AM is a short one. So, I’ll use a portion of my remaining time to mention/brag about my annual trek to the Association of Writers and Writing Projects conference, this year […]

Buzzwords » We can smell bullshit. We thrive on passion. (published 15/01/2010)

By Caleb J. Ross. The literary community – specifically the small press community of readers, writers, and publishers – is not susceptible to bullshit. A recent thread at the ChuckPalahniuk.net forums*, started by a new member with a book to sell, immediately devolved into a spirit-breaking campaign against promotion (especially promotion of shitty writing, but […]

Buzzwords » Will you please be quiet, please? (published 01/01/2010)

In 2009, we talked with: Eileen Myles Steve Richmond (1) Tom Bradley Chris Killen (1) Lee Rourke Alice Notley Andrew Stevens Simon Reynolds Julian Barry Haruki Murakami Simon Critchley Graham Bendel Marina Warner Peter Murphy Timothy Williamson Mark Waugh Andrei Codrescu Nick Kent Virginie Despentes Steve Richmond (2) Bridget Penney Helen Walsh Amiri Baraka Chris […]

Buzzwords » The Funnies (published 03/05/2007)

[Image: R. Crumb from Cubist BeBop comics, 1972] Anime All-nighter @ the Apollo, midnight Saturday 5th May until 8:30 am Sunday. The line-up: Ghost in the Machine, Paprika, Le Chevalier D’Eon and Full Metal Alchemist. At time of writing, there’s still a few tickets left. + Paul Gravett reviews Alice in Sunderland: “The comics medium […]