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A microurban slideshow

Jon Cotner, co-author with Andy Fitch of Ten Walks/Two Talks, has been busy:

The BMW Guggenheim Lab have posted a slideshow made by Jon and his fiancée Claire Hamilton, called Local Worlds: A Bedford Avenue Slideshow.


Jon tells us: “We walked a 3-mile stretch of Bedford Avenue (Brooklyn’s longest street), and documented our encounters with people and places along the way. We saw many different local worlds. This piece hovers somewhere between Basho’s travel diaries and Stephen Shore‘s American Surfaces.

Also: Urban Omnibus recently posted an interview with Cotner, in which he discusses mobile poetic forms, microseconds, wakefulness, neighborliness, introspection, dialogue, and love:

Let me put it this way: I’m particularly interested in forms that capture the motion, the momentum of New York. I don’t want an excessively ponderous form. The nice thing about dialogue is that it always moves; slideshows move too, from one image and caption to the next.

There’s a recent article about Cotner’s ‘Spontaneous Society’ walks, from the New Yorker Book Bench blog, here.

First posted: Wednesday, October 12th, 2011.

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