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a poem about new york city’s organic vegan restaurants

By Zachary German.

jubb’s longevity

i went there five or six times

i like the ‘irish carob cream’

i like the ‘pesto pizza’

i got the ‘aged mozzarella pizza’ one time

i did not like it as much as i liked the ‘pesto pizza’

i like the ‘aged mozzarella pizza’

i think the ‘burger deluxe’ costs more than it should

i think their prices aren’t consistent sometimes

i like the ‘burger deluxe’

i am annoyed by the staff sometimes

last time i went there the staff was fighting

my friend said ‘you should write a letter to david jubb’


i like counter

i like the gin

i like the ‘marinated vegetable terrine’

i have been there three times


i go there regularly

the ‘lunch combos’ are affordable

i only go for lunch

i went there for dinner two or three times two years ago

caravan of dreams

i only went there once

i went there with my mom

caravan of dreams has mostly non-raw food

my mom and i both got raw things

my mom said she liked it

i liked it too

there were a lot of soy-based things on the menu


i go to bonobo’s about as often as i go to quintessence

there isn’t wait-staff

you order what you want at the counter

the food is already made

you can ask for and recieve a ‘free sample’ of whatever you want

i usually get the ‘combo’

it is a good deal i think

it is one pound of any combination of the salads

i like the tomato basil soup

i don’t like the avocado cilantro soup

i got it one time and thought ‘i should have asked for a ‘free sample’ of this’

i ate it all anyway

now i’m okay

i like the nut pate

i like to get the nut pate with agave mustard

if bonobo’s had a water cooler and cups, and you could take a cup

fill it with water and drink it for free, i would like bonobo’s more

pure food and wine

i only went to pure food and wine once, and it was two years ago

at least i think it was pure food and wine

i think it must have been

i ate outside

i was with two other people

there was a spanish-speaking man who filled our glass with water

i always feel a certain way when someone fills my glass with water,

but i felt it more intensely that night, at pure food and wine

i remember thinking that the food was too expensive

pure food and wine has another part called pure juice and take-away

i have gone to pure juice and take-away three times

i have gotten the ice cream each of those times

one time i also got coconut water and lasagna

angelica kitchen

i have never eaten there

i mean we got that take-out one time

it doesn’t count

justin d. taylor like poured stuff on stuff he shouldn’t have poured it on

i did too but i don’t know

i was tired


In summer 2009, Farrar, Straus and Giroux will be publishing Eat When You Feel Sad, Zachary German’s debut novel. Selections from Eat When You Feel Sad are available at Bear Parade. Zachary has a blog called every time a police officer gets shot i throw a party .

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, April 1st, 2008.