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America & other poems

By Andrew James Weatherhead.


American flag
toothpicks pierce
my sandwich

next to a pickle
I didn’t ask for


of those three
words I wrote
in an empty
second floor lounge
of the university’s
bluish gymnasium, wedged
between people swimming
and women prac-
ticing basketball behind
one gigantic curtain:
heard, but unseen

Poem for West 4th Street

something shatters.
the crowd turns
turns and turns back.
was it glass? no
not entirely, some-
thing metallic
in there.

the cat gets bold

the cat
gets bold
it paws
my leg
my shin
I kick it
and am
looked at
by strangers:
but they do
they do not
know me
they do
not know
this cat
they do
not know
I know
this cat

Andrew James Weatherhead was born in Chicago, Illinois. His writing has appeared in or on Vice, MonkeyBicycle, and The Fanzine. He currently lives in Brooklyn and makes collages at weeatherhead.tumblr.com

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, October 21st, 2013.