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This week’s visuals:

On Billy Childish‘s, L-13, 2009, inspired by the writings of D.H. Lawrence & an homage to Penguin

& An exhibition of Anna Kavan’s paintings [via @harikunzru]

& Bad Cover Version, Stuart Evers on why jackets are being stifled by supermarkets

& Ellis Nadler‘s Cards of Wu, a never-ending series of woodcuts in the form of divination cards

& A collection of illustrations through the years of Oscar Wilde‘s Dorian Gray [via @thebookslut]

& Art of McSweeney’s, a “coffee-table retrospective of 12 years of McSweeneys, told issue-by-issue & book-by-book”

& F. Scott Fitzpattern

& recto|verso, a rare books blog [via A Journey Round My Skull]

& Milton Glaser in Print magazine

& Penguin Central European Classics [via @danwagstaff]

[Image: Turn-of-the-century Viennese children’s book illustrations]

First posted: Monday, May 24th, 2010.

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