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Today’s quick lit [& alt.cult] links from around the web:

“The writer’s job is to get naked.” Harry Crews on writing (via @maudnewton)

& Uncovering Céline‘s ‘tireless’ anti-semitism (via @RhysTranter)

& Why the small presses may be the places publishing the great unknowns (via The Rumpus)

& Books you can live without (via @oupblog)

& Flavorwire’s design porn: bookshelves

& Dada Magazine, 1917-1918 (via @davidbmetcalfe)

& Bertolt Brecht on American capitalism

& The Limits of Multiculturalism, David Byrne on arts funding & not putting the classics on too high a pedestal (via @the99percent)

& Flickr photos of iconic photographers at work with their cameras (via @brainpicker)

& All the pretty pictures: A Journey Round My Skull has a new tumblr

& Aren’t the Sherlock Holmes stories a bit elementary? No, Darragh McManus, they are not

[Image: From Read Me: A Century of Classic American Book Advertisements, book & excerpt / via @brainpicker]

First posted: Tuesday, December 29th, 2009.

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