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AARON AS ILAI IS BORN & other poems

By Amy Acre.

Participatory heart

DIANNE: This is great yeah guys? Next steps are to distill the ideas down
to one-liners so they don’t
die in testing.

I dislike Dianne because she is beautiful like a shampoo advert.
I like her because she is a badass in the boardroom and probably enjoys rough sex.

GREG: Ok, but let’s not lose the participatory heart of the creative. I’m
superexcited about giving consumers a stake in the

I like Greg because he looks Jewish.
I dislike him because he is not Jewish despite appearing to be.

KATJA: Just to chip in, can we all please be cognizant of the client’s preference
for concepts with a future-facing perspective.

I like Katja because she knows the word cognizant.
I dislike her because she used it in a meeting.

MILES: True, but I don’t want you guys to restrict your vision to what the client will
and won’t buy: the objective here is to astonish them with possibilities.

I dislike Miles because he is a Paul Smith suit disguised in a friendly jumper.
I like him because he lived in LA and didn’t like it.

from Everything You Said: a sequence of abstract sonnets made from jumbled text messages:


Yes No Will I Trying Clocks I Be Busy If Just Got Thanks Have
please poppies let think to back know! aware weekend he a cut xxx a
good Amy, in u people get 2nite We’ll flooding so can reminder off
borough know tend my be in far, that re but if evening
u cos to mits further Bangkok hope would time speak at
I’ll sell on south to be and soon, Bang c
them, try them a so speak great. d8 2nd Nov x
give this outside poppy should l8er I’ll of in
them afternoon stations. (re be love find stone diary
2 I’m 11th nov) ok Mum out setting: xx
out to as xx and 10.30 or
3 tonight wear long plan on
quid so 2moro, as a sunday
and if nice the public 30th oct,
c I 4 airports transport tea


we Ok no To You do ok Me? i No ok It really and
i from a are fast but I yes i i is life you did
arrange will bharatpur… boy married do do don’t now didn’t will so is are
married look from now? you do have he know! say nice so also
now! but rampur? Wow! know let a have That’s and to exciting looking
he i ok…… baby. two wonderful! do talk because so
also ha ha ha baby you to it nice is
so did know you so and
nice married.. surya Sunita. nice beautiful
i have I that like
another think i singer like
him boy about met
baby rampur you so
much often today


Yes! Can Hey. Not Congratulations!!!!!! What’s At Oh We’ll Wow – 3-7 How Hey
dude. x you Sometime expecting happening the ok. see… it minutes. far
Are come this you now? moment Are Been must X apart
over week, to x that’s you like be are we
on at but reply exactly pacing this close! the
for 3? will straight what up for Hee hee hee! contractions?
Friday? X let away, I’m and hours. xxx
What you but doing. down X
know. I X a xxx time
will We could corridor?
it want come I’ve
start to and seen
xxx find see expectant
our you fathers


<div id= “on falling in love with strangers” >

<h1>to my pilates instructor</h1>

<p>you thumb-sized american mister you whispered to me that I keep
in my shoulders and it was like you saw <a href= “the hurt I thought I’d disowned”>me through “winter skin” “red nail varnish” &amp;“irony” </p>

<p>our love could never work
you’re too old and i’m too gay but isn’t it
a beautiful dream? </p>

<h1>to my hairdresser before the one before now</h1>

<p>whose hands pleasured me like no lover ever
those hands in my scalp undo <style= “display:none”>
<li>tessellated rejections</li>
<li>spiced rum hangovers</li>
<li>bad fashion choices</li>

<p>don’t ruin it by talking</p>

<h1>to the beautiful web design girl</h1>

<p>i am incapable of <a onclick= “showWorkSection(‘knowing you’);”>talking to you</a> but I will waste my days trying<br />
send chinese room secrets into the fort knox of your eyes<br />
and only always feel like a </p>


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Amy Acre is a writer and performer from London. Her pamphlet, Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads, was published by flipped eye and selected as the PBS Autumn 2015 Pamphlet Choice.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, November 8th, 2015.