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An Elegy for England

By Ben Myers.

julian germain

Bone poised on a stone scarp tilted like an accusation
to the sky,
he sees first the seismic cracks, then Europe drift away.

Slowly he lifts a wing to peck and pull at a single feather,
holds it there
then watches it drop spinning down into the chosen abyss.

Across the layers of sod and turf and millstone grit,
lambent ghosts drift,
eyeless, tongue-torn, groaning in languages unknown.

He has been here before. He has heard the screams,
seen black sails
drift beyond the burning sunset. Flesh scents on the wind.

Benjamin Myers’ most recent novel Beastings won the Portico Prize For Literature. His new novel Turning Blue will be published in August 2016 on Moth/Mayfly.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, June 24th, 2016.