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And you know how they can let you down, these people & Other poems

By Penny Goring.

Valise of varying dimensions but always tan

enter the attic room alone
there is a bearded lady asleep on your bed
cross the room towards her
bearded lady awakes
rub butter into her belly
scrape it off with a knife
slide her into a bodystocking
slot the knife in her mouth
shout or cry
it gets better faster
shave her beard with the knife
bearded lady moans
move your tits on her bristles
wipe your knife on the slippery bedding
music ends
lights out

there is a bearded lady asleep on your bed
bundle her in to the valise
zip it
exit the attic room alone

bulky valise wobbles on the floor
tip of a knife pokes through the fabric
full length of the blade appears
catches the moon
room fills with light
bearded lady cuts four holes
two at the front for her arms
two at the back for her legs
unzips the zip
pops out her head
scuttles out the room on all fours

her legs and arms skitter
her behind waves wildly
across an empty road
over a field of mud

(the valise is subtle in a dumb way if that’s possible)

Like, a lot

i’ve got a crush on you x x x
with no holds barred or subjects taboo
can you smell it?
i am emotionally bulimic on you

will you please hold my wig while i puke?

last night we put our 3 wigs on
you came to my room and without a word
blonde wig, straight wig, curly wig
you fucked me with an intensity, a brutality, and a virtuosity
afro wig, frizzy wig, long wig
that would have enslaved me if i had not known
long wig, short wig, curly wig
every second, that you were raping Lily, not me
afro goldilocks quiff
i was, in the purest sense of the word, a cunt
enamelled flower box clutch
without face or name
wet beneath a 6ft high snowman
and a perversity normal to the promiscuous
moon melting the snowman
and now, for the first time, to me
you don’t know quite how to take me
made me exult in it
and i don’t know how to take myself

once again, i’m dismayed to discover
i’m not kurt cobain or kathy acker
i’m still that fucky-faced me
congratulations, your dick is so dignifying
i wanna get off with you
i wanna make out
i wanna make out
everything else is a lie
let’s get off
let’s get off
like, a lot

And you know how they can let you down, these people

take the flower and place it in your mouth
place as many flowers as you want in your mouth
you do not want to eat a dry flower
eat the flower before the morning dew dries
you do not need the whole stem or any leaves
choose the flower and eat it in the early budding stages
eating flowers from national parks is illegal, so eat carefully
you can eat many flowers at a time
any flower will do
eat flowers

btw, rosy rectums

the bearded lady makes me want to have an orgasm and fart at the same time as a zillion kismet sex dolls jab pins in my balls while running thru the hoops of the nazi chain linked fortress known as world press – yves klein, btw, rosy rectums, penny goring, hands up my knickers, dad bastard – penny goring, atomic tangerine, why do dog fuck me from my pudenda, wife wanks with my hair trimmer as i watch and wank – getting my friend drunk and making him fuck me bare, penny goring my dead, penny goring my painting, get tips to get fuck our selves with a finger- ladies rectums, yves klein seconde, glass horse intercourse, and the pouch of douglas – he tied gagged apron, bearded grey cloud, ice fantasia budding bodies, my smelly dirty gusset tumblr, dolly motion deep suck – the bearded lady steep fuck as if you possessed by an idiot, do my self harm in between you ears

Penny Goring lives in a block of flats in London. She wrote The Zoom Zoom (eight cuts gallery press, 2011). Her work has been published in HOUSEFIRE. The Guardian calls Penny ‘a lively and original new voice in poetry’.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, May 1st, 2013.