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Art Executive v2

By Erik Stinson.

art executive 1

i awoke drugged
i remember her
and wanting life to be
as simple as that thought

the bushwick
bar featured
art direction of death
a glass paperweight TV
quite small showing sport
we don’t care for

i laugh with pain and see the
tempting pink velvet skirt

the toilet mirror etched
a very classic slur
white paint on brick
castles of afterward
in denim looking to blush
at the time

art executive 2

women talking in
a circle and glancing
at you

a sign sells the
feeling of lipstick

i had drugged myself
to wake up alone

art executive 4

after the big summer opening

it feels harder to make daily life

i know i don’t matter much
history scares me

when i sell the paintings
it’s impossible not to feel
the weight of everything
outside the frame
going to shit

Erik Stinson is a writer and commercial creative living in New York City. In addition to promotions for global clients including Heineken, General Motors and the Estate of Michael Jackson, his writing has appeared in The Atlantic, HTMLGIANT, Playboy, VICE and DIS Magazine. His book Microaggressions was published by Test Centre in 2016.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, March 26th, 2017.