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Aylett’s Complete Accomplice

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Announcing Steve Aylett‘s Complete Accomplice:

All four of Aylett’s ‘Accomplice’ books in one volume. Revised. With intro by Michael Moorcock. New preface. Weird graphics.

Starburst Magazine has called the books “a hugely impressive example of outrageous literary wit and uncommon good sense, demonstrating once more that Aylett is the coolest writer alive today”. SFX has called them “Bizarre, innovative and utterly original.”

Collecting the titles Only an Alligator, The Velocity Gospel, Dummyland and Karloff’s Circus, The Complete Accomplice follows the simple Barny and his friends through the intertwisted power manipulations of Accomplice, a zone where hell’s defected demons discover they can never match or out-do humanity when it comes to spectacular dishonesty and evasion.

“Something this rapid shouldn’t be so intoxicating or so dense with ideas. It’s a roaring, groaning perpetual motion machine decked out as a fun fair attraction. Read it and you’ll need resuscitating” – 3:AM


First posted: Wednesday, July 21st, 2010.

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