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Being in the World Smoothly


Tom McCarthy was interviewed on Radio Eins during his very successful recent German tour:

“The thing that he [the protagonist of Remainder] feels he has lost, as a result of his accident, is authenticity. He wants to recover an imagined sense of being in the world smoothly, without any distance, any kind of interruption, and so he idealises these very banal moments, just kind of kinetic, simple actions like moving past a neighbour as he walks down the stairs, or smelling liver… . …In English, it’s called Remainder: there’s always an extra — something too much. (Laughs.) So there’s always this material extra and, in a way, it is an allegory of art. No matter with how much craft we simulate the world, the world itself will be too much. …”

(Pic by Andrew Gallix)

First posted: Sunday, March 22nd, 2009.

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