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Beyond the fringe


Locked for too long like a half-mad spinster in the Fringe’s attic, the Edinburgh Art Festival has come into its own in recent times. In the wake of Warhol and Mueck, Tracey Emin’s 20 year retrospective is easily the highest profile draw. If soul-baring relics aren’t your bag, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery offers an eerie escape into a fictional world of dislocated voices and mechanical torments.

While the protest pictures of Pop Art legend Richard Hamilton, the multimedia showcase of young contender Jock Mooney and the screenprints of Chad McCail all impress, it’s the collective works that ultimately steal the show. Local artists ably fight their corner against the invading hordes with The Annuale while the Foto: Modernity in Central Europe exhibition is an archivists dream with photographic works from Dadaist and Surrealist pioneers like Moholy-Nagy and Hannah Höch.

In terms of ambition, there are few events to rival the ghostly hanging wax figures of Return of the Soul: The Nakbah Project, created by Jane Frere and three thousand Palestinians, or The Golden Record: Sounds of Earth – a collaboration by over a hundred artists, writers and comedians inspired by the greatest mix album ever assembled and the spinning rock of misery and joy that dispatched it to the cosmos.

First posted: Wednesday, August 6th, 2008.

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