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Blue Whale Poem

Two blue whales are swimming

They are friends

They enjoy music, writing poetry, and avocados with soy sauce

‘here is a mix cd,’ says one whale

The other whale says ‘thank you’

‘it says it is by nofx but I know it isn’t nofx, it might be leftover crack’ says the first whale

The other whale says ‘thank you’

At home the whale listens to the mix cd while exercising on an elliptical machine

‘this isn’t leftover crack,’ the whale thinks

The other whale comes to visit the whale

‘did you listen to the cd?’ says the first whale

The other whale says ‘yes, this isn’t leftover crack’

The whale says ‘oh’ and swims away

This is the end of their relationship

Ellen Kennedy lives in Pennsylvania. Her website is Ass Hi Books. She occasionally posts on her blog Beef. A small e-book of her poetry is available at Bear Parade.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, February 13th, 2007.