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By Brandon Scott Gorrell.

the rendering of small objects so
i can be the next to
drive the information super highway.

i was not there when
there were microchips being
manufactured tediously by
machines and humans.

i would like to understand right now the
process of
my digits applying pressure on
small manufactured plastic objects resulting in
web publishing.

i think of tubes and
information in small pieces and
i perceive a web animation of
computer file folders flying from one folder to another in
a wind tunnel.

that does not explain the
reality of the process of
which i want to understand the true nature.

i would like for someone to
digitally explain to me
why the
microchips are controlling my
thoughts right now. 

Brandon Scott Gorrell 

Brandon Scott Gorrell lives and works in Seattle. All of his fiction is either on or linked to in his blog which you can access by clicking on these words. Please read more of Brandon Scott Gorrell and leave comments on his blog, that would be awesome. Brandon Scott Gorrell is 23.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, July 15th, 2007.