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“Brutalism in Ruins?”

Prof. Christoph Lindner (University of Oregon) and Owen Hatherley
Fri 27 January 2017, 18:30 – 21:00
Science Museum, 165 Queens Gate, London SW7 5HD
Free entry

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Adopting a transnational and comparative approach, Prof. Lindner will examine the connections between brutalist architecture, ruin aesthetics, hipsterfication, and the violence of globalization in locations as diverse as Beirut, Detroit, London, and São Paulo.

The talk will be followed by some thoughts from Owen Hatherley, an author and architectural critic. He has penned a number of books on urban politics, architecture and brutalism, including Militant Modernism, A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain and most recently The Ministry of Nostalgia.

It is preceded by a related panel discussion on the politics of brutalism (from 4pm – 6pm), details of which can be found here.

First posted: Wednesday, January 11th, 2017.

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