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Crescent of Houses

Egon Shiele’s Krumau – Crescent of Houses (The Small City V), c. 1915


“Whatever it is, we’re against it”; so proclaims 3:AM’s masthead, and this call to arms is one I am happy to take up in the capacity of contributing editor. Far from being contrarian for contrarian’s sake, these words represent, for me, a commitment to fierce, far reaching criticism of classic and avant-garde literatures—something 3:AM continues to deliver with erudition, verve, and no small amount of style.

With those words—and that tradition—in mind, I’m happy to announce a call for submissions. In particular, I’d love to see work that engages with the following:

  • British literary modernism
  • Postmodern American fiction
  • Literatures of obscurity
  • Literatures of failure
  • The technology of literacy
  • The ontology of memory
  • Literary diarists
  • Cultural criticism (of the Frankfurt School variety)

Work that experiments with, blends, or destroys formal constraints altogether is as welcome as more traditional essays, reviews, and criticism.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any pitches, questions, or ideas—I look forward to reading your best work.

All best,
Dustin Illingworth

First posted: Tuesday, September 8th, 2015.

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