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Cat Life

By Heidi James.


Clarah Averbuck, Cat Life, Future Fiction, 2008

If death is the single thought of philosophy, then this book embraces thanatology with hungry arms. Love is death to the protagonist, though she is resurrected into a fuller life — she asserts that ‘like a cat she has nine lives’ and with each death (or experience of extraordinary love) she is enriched. The hurtling narration affirms her vitality, her Uber-Mensch squandering of self; she consumes life. However, hers is not only a body that loves, but also a body that writes, she is concerned utterly with the act of writing and the process of interpretation. Which reveals an irony as at times the translation is a tad rickety, but often this contributes to the poetry of the narrative. This book tells us that life and language bleed, but joyfully.

Heidi James is Arts Editor of 3:AM. Her novella The Mesmerist’s Daughter (published by Apis Books) was published in July 2007 and her novel Carbon is forthcoming. She has a column in Dazed and Confused and is a regular contributor to Another Level. Her essays and short stories are published in a variety of anthologies and magazines. She is the proprietor of Social Disease and a recipient of the Sophie Warne fellowship.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, December 8th, 2008.