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Joe Banks’ Rorschach Audio: Art & Illusion for Sound. From the publisher’s website:

Rorschach Audio is a work of contemporary cultural scholarship and an exploration of the art and science of psychoacoustic ambiguities. Part detective story, part artistic and cultural critique, Rorschach Audio lifts the lid on an array of fascinating and under-examined perceptual and political phenomena. Rorschach Audio is essential reading for everyone interested in air-traffic control, anechoic chambers, artificial oxygen carriers, audio art, bell-ringing, cocktail parties, cognitive science, communications interference, compost, the death penalty, Electronic Voice Phenomena, evangelism, evolutionary biology, experimental music, ghosts, the historiography of art, illusions of sound and illusions of language, lip-reading jokes, nuclear blast craters, predictive texting, singing hair, sonic archives, sound design, steam trains, tinnitus, the Turing Test, Victorian blood painting, visual depth and space perception, ultrasonic visual music, ventriloquism, voices and warehouse fires and robberies.

Further: Rorschach Audio archive / ‘The cemetery of sound’, an essay by Joe Banks / film of the Disinformation Rorschach Audio exhibition at Goldsmiths College (2008) / Banks lectures at Hull Time Based Arts (2004).

First posted: Wednesday, February 20th, 2013.

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