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Eugene Marten’s Firework. From the blurb:

Firework is the story of a man who, though ill-equipped to help himself, attempts to help someone else, and the beautifully rendered, perhaps necessary catastrophe that results. Unequalled in intensity, it is also an exhilarating expression of the noble, all-too human impulse to become more than what we seem to be.”

From editor Giancarlo DiTrapano, on Tyrant Books‘ acquisition of the manuscript:

“This book was too good for a press as young and as small as mine to publish… I later discovered that some of the bigger houses had wanted to publish it but with some really terrible ideas for an edit. They wanted a different ending. God, I wish I knew the names of these editors so I could laugh and laugh if I ever got to meet them. I wouldn’t change one thing about that ending. You’d be a fool to fuck with it.”

Further: Gordon Lish on Firework/ review in The Believer / author profile in the NY Observer.

First posted: Wednesday, January 16th, 2013.

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