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Deborah Levy’s Black Vodka. From the publishers website:

How does love change us? And how do we change ourselves for love – or for lack of it? Ten stories by acclaimed author Deborah Levy explore these delicate, impossible questions. In Vienna, an icy woman seduces a broken man; in London gardens, birds sing in computer start-up sounds; in ad-land, a sleek copywriter becomes a kind of shaman. These are twenty-first century lives dissected with razor-sharp humour and curiosity, stories about what it means to live and love, together and alone.

Further: ‘Shining A Light’ in This Is Fleeting / Levy on London’s Exhibition Road, the setting for the eponymous story / New Statesman review / Levy in conversation with Granta / Levy interviewed by Untitled Books.

First posted: Friday, February 1st, 2013.

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