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Debauchery & other poems

By Julia Ciesielska.


grow into that role
for thirty years
encircled us with red marker
bloody knuckles could not recall
how to hold a breath
without getting porcelain headache

when mothers went on booze
swelling from love
fear for sudden jab
stayed locked in throats
in few square meters
another fight was set up

is that right


not out of charity yet
fetching hunks sharp up
in cracked mirrors
must learn ever the hard way
must line other men shrouds
looking coyly around
graduated to new level of understanding
handshakes oblivion
where kiss on a brow
pardons givers and takers
each time lifted highball
gets them crocked
talking moonshine and roses
turns a cheek towards slap


suffer the less poor man
from sweeping affairs
follies one down an alley
no pangs of conscience
sleeps like a log
if once he knew
love, sin and all enter fables
would never bleed for affection

truth pays him a visit
teaching to unlearn
he disbelieves with impotent Phew, phew
her you, idiot
degraded forever

saunters back to his car
drives off

Julia Ciesielska was born in Poland. Since 2006, she lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she works as a Translator and a Business Support in Recruitment organization known for Oil & Gas world-wide. She has studied English Literature at MA degree level and made certificate in Practice Personnel/HR at Queens University, Belfast. Julia’s interests, echoed in her poetry, include the feminist revision of life or naturalistic perception of daily routines. After attending workshops of creative writing, organized by Lyric Theatre in Belfast, she also got interest in writing plays. Inspired by pieces of Martin Lynch she is working on a project that is presenting with the eyes of Polish minorities their observations of living abroad. Her work has been published by Original Plus & The Journal, Outburst Magazine, Soanyway, Blue & Yellow Dog, Moria, Streetcake.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013.