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Don’t Fuck McDonalds

By Mike Young.

we have poor people hands
you are kicking me like a train

stop it i have to go

i have to go but the floor is wet
i bet a jet plane had an accident
this is a boring place to be a jet plane
where dale earnhardt kills unicorns

but don’t point that shit at me

potatoes are glued to my face
maybe fat children think you’re sad

Mike Young once owned plenty of diecast Dale Earnhardt cars. Maybe he still does? He co-edits NOÖ Journal. His work has appeared in Pindeldyboz, Juked, Opium Magazine, MiPOesias, elimae, FRiGG, Avery and elsewhere. Visit his site to find a long, melodramatic poem called ‘fuck mcdonalds.’

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, March 22nd, 2007.