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Duos #3 – Non fast Colours

By Richard Barrett and Sally Barrett.


in my yellow t-shirt
I feel happy
walking, challenging
words are not swearing
I am not swearing
today, but fuck,
fashion orthodoxies collapse
in heaven, in the mist
the abandoned carpark
my excessive fear
of yellow, challenged
by police or by those other people
happy like me
in the carpark of death
I dream of
needle water
of history, passing
through that yellow river
of pissing, being pissed on
or off, constantly, as the case may be
in heaven, in the mist
of Sunday, Manchester morning
or afternoon
my projection
my trajectory
is down
is up and down
as water runs
as salmon is good for cholesterol
seasonal, under the
misty Manchester
mentality of yellow
struggles for power
as yellow struggles for life sometimes
anatomy-wise, meaning and symbol
-ically of I
my self- knowledge only partially adjusted
to my-self
my secret self
is not black, but black and yellow
poetry, heaven, yellow water
identification with a city
identification with the relationship
with a city
with a gold sense of shame
build me up BUTTERCUP


up up up up
I’m going to forget
the clouds
as they are now
this earth
the clouds
beats simultaneous vibrations
up here,
in this part of the blue
enough to make a pair of trousers
of gravity,
today, G-Star Raw
blue denim, G-Star Raw
a sucking stone
sucking my pocket down
my weight, waiting
for my dinner, lunch or tea
always, stomach-led
always, my libido-led
world intestinal tract
weighted down, waiting
to land, I see
on earth, as it is
up here, emerge
-nt in the blue mist
the city a ladybird below, scuttling
not a carnivorous ladybird
in time
for lunch, dinner or tea
G-Star Raw ladybird King
or Queen
time measured by distance
time measured by tape measure
40” plus last year
divided by
squirrel food
don’t forget to bury the conker
never falling far from the tree
being literally about a conker
so 1976, gravity
as it is now is forgotten
I wonder, am I me
or is me the city
or am I the sky
in trousers or whatever
else a cloud might wear

Richard Barrett and Sally Barrett are married and live and work in Greater Manchester. This poem was a written by exchanging a pad and piece of paper, approximately line by line. It is one of many collaborative pieces written by the couple and part of a longer piece of work in progress. Richard has a long history of poetry publications, his latest is titled ‘u make me laugh in a different way’ from Dostoevsky Wannabe. Sally is working on a yet to be published pamphlet about relationships, identity and being female.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, August 12th, 2017.