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The Enemies project 2015: a year in review

The Enemies project is about literary and avant-garde poetry, in collaboration – across the arts, across languages & nations, across form, style & content – a multifarious, multidisciplinary but essentially cogent program of events, exhibitions, tours & publications that provide the grounding to comprehensively explore the notion of collaboration in a contemporary, active, innovative realm of poetry.

In 2015 the project, curated by 3am poetry editor SJ Fowler, organised 45 events with over 180 poets and artists. Below are a sample of the performances presented by the Enemies Project across 2015. Click on the title to see all the works that took place at each event.

Kakania at the Freud Museum

The Liverpool Camarade

Kakania at the Horse Hospital

Kakania at the Austrian Cultural Forum

Wrogowie: a Polish Enemies project

a Cemetery Romance

Enemigos: a Mexican Enemies project

Feinde: an Austrian Enemies project

The Feinde Exhibition

Gelynion: a Welsh Enemies project

UNESCO European Literature Night: Edinburgh

Mahu: an exhibition of writing

The Mahu Camarade

The Berlin Camarade

A Croatian Enemies Project

Pugilistica: celebrating boxing literature

Nemici: an Italian Enemies project

The European Camarade

The Norwich Camarade


The Enemies Project, curated by SJ Fowler, is about the possibilities of poetry in collaboration. Poetry lends itself to collaboration as language does conversation, and it is in poetry we are renovating the living space of communication, and this in itself is a collaborative act. The poet comes up against something other than themselves in the writing of every poem, and in the shaping of every fragment of language there is a response taking place. This project is aims to bring about and showcase original, dynamic examples of what is produced when the other in question is the equally avid mind of another artist / poet. Since its inception in 2011 it has curated over 200 events, 11 exhibitions, in 19 nations, involving over 500 poets, writers, artists, photographers and sculptors from across the globe.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, December 19th, 2015.