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Excerpt: Increase The Size Of Your Dick

A selection of extracts from Increase The Size Of Your Dick, an on-going SPAM poetry project by Ben Myers.

Pretty Blond Teen With Satin Gloves Jerking Off

Co-ed Susan gives head
and gets boned
this cheerleader sucks
and gets slammed

she thought that he can at least depend on a third of this mess as being manly;
he cannot get out as he opens his mouth to cry for help; but if any sound comes out
of him, alas he is drowned by the raging of the Storm.


pungent blood leaked onto
the tarmac from
broken bones and
flaps of muscle
the beaks of the mob
closed on empty air.

sure it’s illegal but
there’s no limit to
what a used body
can do.

The Grandest Canyon

smashed in the head from close range
blood pours from a flap in his scalp

she screams like an air-raid siren
rope hands slippery with his blood.

a feminine echo against the canyon walls,
getting smaller and smaller and smaller

below them another coyote joins the pack
collective snouts, jaws and teeth cocked to the air

and a lizard lies laconically on a rock
waiting to see what will transpire.

Retaliation Whisper

the lion emerges
bright and clean
to pace the wart house
under a twilight moon

the twisted fronds of the overhang
are silent in repose
the birds in the trees
fear-frozen like gargoyles

an anaemic shadow in the window
drunk on cleaver dreams
and the hot wind
of this colonial savannah

behind him lies bloody body
parts dressed in khaki –
no more the landlord,
the new king growls

A Babe Using Her Soft Hands And A Vibro

Cute co-ed gets her
tiny pussy ridden –
Corina chokes
on some big cock

Among Local Data

rooms rooms
forecast of a hurricane
looms beyond Atlantic
edges carving
icy moons.

Cum Again

drunk teens on stage flashing their tits
red haired babysitter in the kitchen
horny teen jerking off stranger in limo
college girls on spring break lick clit –

increase the size of your dick
this is the place for you!

‘Off-Beat Generation’ writer Ben Myers is the author of the novel The Book Of Fuck and the forthcoming The Missing Kidney.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, April 18th, 2007.