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Excerpts: The Indiscretions of a Bleeding Heart

By Giles Paley-Phillips.


Summer sands, stroked by the waves,
gifts a man with only one hand.
He waits on the tide to draw ever nearer,
to comfort him in this last hour.

Memories of a child and a wife back home,
million miles from what’s going on,
a bullet, with a snakeskin purpose
will come to ease his pain.

Salt soaked boots, covered by canvas,
on the face beneath, there lingers a smile,
a thought that was had, before death came,
of a mother and child greeting forever.

Holding on tight, to her apron strings,
swinging in the yard is the 2×2.
All that he left as he plays hide and seek,
was one smile to graze a widow’s cheek.

Xmas manners please dear

A duck quack without any echo,
feathers plucked float to butcher’s floor,
sweep up, and then stick them together,
make a picture of winters call.

Hear a spit from the oven’s belly,
glowing light flickers around inside.
Wait in rows to chew our victim,
just a tasty meal, not a peace offering.

The Indiscretions of a Bleeding Heart is in aid of Leukaemia Research and can be bought for £3.00, more details at his MySpace. Giles Paley-Phillips lives in East Sussex, England. His first collection, Linear Hymns, was also in aid of leukemia research.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, March 26th, 2007.