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Five for: Suzi Lorraine

By Alan Kelly.


1) You’re a columnist for Gorezone Magazine, did you begin working in the horror genre in journalism?
I started acting in 2001, and didn’t begin writing until about 2004. I did an interview with Horror Mania Magazine, which is a mainstream horror magazine in Italy. They were surprised at my genre knowledge, and absolute adoration for all things horror, so they asked if I would like to be their New York correspondent. I wrote a monthly column for them for 2 years, until the hard copy mag disbanded. They are still alive and kicking online. Around 2005, I was put in touch with Bryn Hammond, who was just launching Gorezone and was on about the third issue. He asked me to write a monthly ‘Diary of a Scream Queen’ column back in 2005, and the rest is history.

2) What do you feel are the differences in writing for an underground publication like Gorezone versus say a mainstream horror rag like Shivers?
Someone told me that Shivers magazine actually folded months ago. While Gorezone magazine used to be underground, now it has become a major force to be reckoned with. Global sales of each issue are over 72,000 copies per month. Gorezone is available on newsstands everywhere. I’m so proud to be a part of a magazine that was initially a grass roots magazine, and has since grown by leaps and bounds and now rivals any other mainstream horror publication on the market today.

Also, this October, Gorezone magazine is hosting the annual Gorezone Weekend of Horrors Film Festival in London, in which yours truly will be co-hosting with the lovely Emily Booth.

3) There is a limited edition of Suzi Lorraine Terror cards available. Do you do a lot of PR work as well as journalism/modeling/acting?
I’m so happy with how those Terror Cards turned out! What fun. I don’t have time for as much PR work as I would like, but yes, I think that’s an important element in order to keep your career moving forward. So I try to expand my network of friends and colleagues, stay in touch with everyone, and am always trying to keep a pulse on the horror community. I have a NetFlix subscription, and generally 75% of the movies I rent are from the horror genre. Research, I say.


4) Who do you look up to working in the horror right now?
I definitely look up to Debbie Rochon. She is honestly one of the few “scream queens” who has been able to make a full time living doing exactly what she loves, and in turn making so many fans so happy. I had the chance to work with her on my film Won Ton Baby! in which Debbie played the lead role of Madame Won Ton. She is simply a wonderful human being. Just lovely to work with. She has a wicked sense of humor too. Can’t even count all the times we were cracking up on set. She’s a true professional, and brings so much to the table as an actor.

5) What are the drawbacks from only working in the horror genre?
I think the most stressful part of any film lies in the hands of the victim. In order to get in a mental state where you’re totally freaked out and scared for your life, as an actor, you actually have to put yourself in a dark place, and imagine horrible things actually happening. A few times I nearly hyperventilated and passed out because I become so immersed in the moment. I have to say it is great fun to play the antagonist/killer.

First posted: Tuesday, October 13th, 2009.

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