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Five more for: Tony O’Neill

By Royal Young.


Are celebrity sex tapes better than real people porn?

They gotta be on the level that you’re seeing these people without their handlers. Now it’s so controlled. Dennis Hopper used to openly talk about having threesomes with Natalie Wood and Nicholas Ray. That would never happen now. I find sex tapes boring in a way. Paris Hilton fucks like she speaks. If I was Paris Hilton’s PR person I would tell her to become a crackhead. It would be fascinating to see a crackhead with unlimited resources. Watching someone get high or shoot up is like porn for me.

What do you think about fame? Is fame a drug?

I’d rather have money than fame. Fame seems like a pain in the ass. The only reason I want to become a famous author is to get access to doctors that will prescribe me the best shit. When I was on Top of the Pops I was literally starving. I think religion stopped being relevant to people and they needed icons.

Is sex for money more gratifying than sex for love?

If you’re good enough at it. I respect the honesty of exchanging hard cash for hard cock. But depends how you define gratifying. Guy junkies can’t keep a hard on or if you’re withdrawing you cum in two seconds. I’ve got a lot of respect for sex workers. I never had the money, if I had the money it was going into my arm. Anything for money is gratifying except for an honest days work.

Do most junkies have father issues?

My mom and dad were working class people from Ireland. Dad was a bus driver and I always looked up to him from afar. Dad was into fixing cars and I was obsessed with movies and the theatre of the absurd. My parents didn’t have bookshelves. My dad got ten pages into my book and said he got a headache. When my folks stayed at my apartment in L.A. I smeared make-up on my arms to hide the track marks. Then when I was getting clean, Dad told me I had uncles who were junkies and one who smuggled Morphine. I think it’s more about control issues. The big C.

What do you think about the celebrity rehab trend?

It’s ridiculous. There’s drug rehab, sex rehab, fucking is bad all of a sudden. Rehab is like the mea culpa now. Yet, there are very few drugs of addiction. There are drugs of compulsion. Most people don’t need rehab, what they really need is to get out of Hollywood, a blow job and a vacation. Now rehab is a commercial prospect. I quit Heroin, Crack, Methadone because I didn’t want to do them anymore, not because I spent $3,000 on rehab and all they did was tell me to pray.

Sick City by Tony O’Neill was published last month.

First posted: Monday, August 30th, 2010.

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