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Fol Chen’s New EP: Holograms

Fol Chen released their new EP earlier this month. It is free to download from their Bandcamp page.

Fol Chen – The Holograms

If you haven’t heard them before, they sound almost like nothing else at the moment, except perhaps La Roux.

It’s psychedelic, fragmented synthpop, but without the harshness you’d expect. Fol Chen have a sort of surgical attention to sonic detail that makes every listen an exploration. While many current synthpop acts are content with revisiting the sounds of the eighties, Fol Chen basically take synthpop to the next, contemporary level. They manage to keep their music both experimental and very accessible, if you get my drift. If not, just give them a listen.

Here’s the video for their awesome track ‘In Ruins’, for good measure:

Fol Chen – In Ruins

First posted: Wednesday, August 25th, 2010.

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