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As noted at Iain Sinclair’s website:

I’ve just been told that ‘London Orbital’ will be shown on More4 next Tuesday, along with Chris Petit’s fine new essay film, ‘Content’ – which I strongly recommend. Chris is back out on the road, in the spirit of ‘Radio On’, but this time the journey is endless, space-and-time warping through the universal condition of off-highway entropy in the general direction of Poland. Nothing left of cultural memory but performed autobiographical fragments, small confessions, and a satchel of postcards (like Godard’s ‘Les Carabiniers’). This time the camera has been passed to Emma Matthews, the film’s editor, and the director becomes pure voice. Perhaps reclaiming his melancholy-poetic Irish ancestry from Samuel Beckett. The interrogation of technology, actual and faked (better than real), continues a pace (walking pace). I think this project has found its own time very successfully.

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First posted: Sunday, March 7th, 2010.

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