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Friday I’m in Love

By Trev Hagl.

Bad taste right down to the 80’s electro-pop music, Kunt is a master of light-hearted shock value. He has videos of ‘Men With Beards’ (starring Jesus, Bin Laden, Peter Sutcliffe and Whispering Bob Harris, “a voice so soft, does he murder children up in his loft,” or something…), a love song ‘Fred & Rose’ (“I’d murder a lodger for you”) and a hilarious video of ‘I Sucked Off a Bloke (Didn’t Like It)’ which is a depraved version of that lesbian song by that singer whose name I forget (I’m not down with the kids.) Speaking of being ‘down with the kids’, it had to happen, Kunt doing a tribute to MJ, with a tasteful chorus “he was born black, he died white, and in the middle he fiddled with kids”. If that isn’t funny enough, he put it on You Tube, so when the followers of the Paedo of Pop put “MJ Tribute” into a search engine, guess what pops up? Just check out those bitter and angry comments!

First posted: Friday, September 11th, 2009.

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