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Friday I’m in Love

A new feature at Buzzwords, a companion piece to our ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’, if you will. Every Friday, writers and 3:AM editors will discuss clips of pop promos of note (worthy of their love, no less.)

First up in the series is Kitchens of Distinction and ‘Drive That Fast’. KOD always sat uneasy among many bands of their day, the music press didn’t quite know what to make of their name, the fact that frontman Patrick Fitzgerald pushed his homosexuality to the fore lyrically and in interviews, and that such melodic noise could be made by three gawky types rather than a troop of big-lipped floppy-haired sullen boys from the Home Counties. While their peers might have been content to pay more attention to the effects pedals deck than lyrics, KOD embodied a peculiar intellectual warmth, dealing with politics (the Thatcher death fantasy ‘Margaret’s Injection’) and, yes, love. Also of note is the pure psychogeography of a resolutely Tooting band (like fellow South Londoners Sidi Bou Said), both the video above’s use of the South London skyline and on tracks like ‘On Tooting Broadway Station’ (live clip here). For those less inclined to sneer, Fitzgerald’s emotional currency could be enjoyed by gay and straight alike. After a quartet of critically acclaimed albums, the band called it a day when Britpop altered the music press’ affiliations even further against their favour. A brief collaboration with Lush’s Miki Berenyi aside, Fitzgerald now records under the Joycean guise of Stephen Hero.

First posted: Friday, July 3rd, 2009.

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