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Brutalists Ben Myers and Adelle Stripe are taking part in the Luxury Goods Arts Festival, contributing the pieces ‘Word By Word, Page By Page’ and ‘Eiderdown’ respectively. The festival kicks off tomorrow at The Foundry and runs until Sunday 1st February. The skinny:

Luxury Goods

Free Festival of Art and Guilt
Wednesday 28 January – Sunday February 1 2009

The Foundry
86 Great Eastern Street
Nearest tube: Old Street tube (exit3)

A 5 day festival celebrating the guilt, repulsion, alienation and anxiety taking place within the art world as we race head long into the Great Depression and ask ‘What is the cost of art’?

The week long free festival will take place at the Foundry, a hub of outsider art in the biker community. Join us to throw away your concerns and happily commit to the value of art in uncertain times. Painting, sculpture, sounds etc by:

Carolinda Tolstoy, Drew Twany Snax, Sooz Belnavis, Christian Smith, Iwona Majadan, Christopher Allen, Michael Bucknell, Annouchka Bayley, Luke Brennan, Rob Green,Zoha Zokaei, Louise Fitzjohn, Scott Schwager, Died Poll, Deirdre Cunningham, Ben Myers, Patricio Bosich Constanine d’Estoteville Skipwith, Tate Sisters, Matt Elton, Andrew Gough, Karly Rayner, Adelle Stripe, Chris Taylor, Chris red artist, Wenceslas Dollar, Robert Kiff / Barckly Brennan, Delaney Martin, Beatrice Brown, Niki Sehmi, Calum F. Kerr, Kaelin E. Lee, Anna Johnson and Richard Bayley.

Luxury Goods
Consumerism: benefit or hindrance to art practice?
Can we afford to pay for art?
Does art have a value if it does not have a financial value?
Is art an indulgence for the artist, public or collector?
Is art a necessity or item of consumption?
Does the value of the medium or strength of idea determine the value of the art work?
Is art therapy a luxury?

First posted: Tuesday, January 27th, 2009.

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