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I want to not drink alcohol but experience the sensation of drunkenness every second

By Chris Moran.

I am reckless, but not as reckless as you think

I will break this kitten’s face with an orangutan’s face

by placing a brick on top of both faces

That doesn’t make sense

but you don’t care

I still think your face is pretty


I think that

is the only thing that makes sense right now

Tiny kittens vomiting embalming fluid

in my veins doesn’t make sense

but it’s okay

A walrus fang stabbing my heart

doesn’t make sense

and I think it would only hurt a little bit

I would probably be okay if that would happen

A walrus fang cuts through air

and I like that image because

I wish everything was made of air

If your pretty face was made of air

I think then

I would somehow be a part of it


Chris Moran is a cat person from central Ohio. His poetry has been published in elimae and is forthcoming in the Outside Voices anthology.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, September 16th, 2007.