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Two Poems

By Mal Coppenrath.

i want to sleep but you’re outside my window

ice cream cone deer went to defiance, ohio

to see them

but the drunk people outside of his car were loud

the entire way

he stuck his hoof out and knocked one of their faces off

into a pile of grass or something

the drunk people ran away and grunted

and said something about a frat house

and then date raped

and the ice cream cone deer nodded

and started humming to himself or herself

and tapped the hoof on the car

and got to the show on time

and went backstage

reasons to go to the dam

you can take really good pictures at the dam

and usually see a couple arguing or something

just kidding

everyone is generally in love when they are there

and there are a lot of leaves right now

it is autumn almost

and there are lots of bikers there

who like to watch the sunset

mostly it is nice there


mal coppenrath lives in massachusetts and enjoys drawing unicorns in spacesuits. she would like you to pay off her $100,000 in student loans. she also likes black iced coffee and lychee tea. please send her a surprise to 3:AM where it will then be forwarded to her home address.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, September 12th, 2007.