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I Would Like to Autosummarize Grades for my Students’ Papers

By Kristen Iskandrian.

I deserve to be punched hard

I threw something today but it didn’t break

I ate something today without chewing it

I said to someone “yes, traditions are important”

I hope I never see that person again

I will see that person soon and feel humiliated

I don’t really know what a poem by Kristen Iskandrian sounds like

I recorded my voice mail greeting sixteen times

I am tired of starting each line with I but

I don’t know how to stop

I nod when people say “disorder is beautiful”

I hand my cat her tail and she licks it

Kristen Iskandrian does a lot of tasks while she drives between Athens, Georgia, where she is a teacher and a PhD student, to her home in Crawford, Georgia, where she is both of those things but other things, too. Her Darling Imps keep records and miscellany, including links to published fiction. She also has work forthcoming in Gulf Coast and American Letters & Commentary.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, April 11th, 2007.