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SUBMIT YOUR SHORT FICTION TO 3:AM published 09/02/2016

Aslan Gaisumov's exploding book

3:AM Magazine is delighted to announce the appointment of Eley Williams as co-editor for fiction.

Here’s her first Call for Submissions.

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make magic published 28/12/2015

3:AM’s David Winters interviews the legendary Gordon Lish for Critical Quarterly: If we go back to Beckett, or to various bits by Thomas Bernhard, these examples seem to represent an exception. One wants to find the new. And, in finding it, do everything one can to fight for it. There was a time when I […]

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Top Reads of 2015: Steven J. Fowler published 13/12/2015

  Tom Jenks, Spruce (Blarts Books) One of most overlooked poets in the UK, doing the work conceptualism should be doing, getting to the heart of uniquely British ennui through splicing methodology and jet black humour. Sandeep Parmar, Eidolon (Shearsman Books)  High modernism powerfully maintained and redeployed by one of the most interesting poets crossing the American / UK […]

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Top Reads of 2015: Tristan Foster published 12/12/2015


Wolfgang Hilbig I’ve got a problem with best-book-of-the-year lists. I can’t really articulate what that problem is – they’re egotistical? it’s not the end of the year yet? I’m doubtful anybody cares? that they seem to somehow dovetail into the frenzy of Christmas? Whatever it is, they fill me with a general discomfort. So in […]

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Top Reads of 2015: Joanna Walsh published 11/12/2015

Joanna Walsh’s Top Reads of 2015   My books of the year, all published in 2015, and in no particular order…     Claire-Louise Bennett, Pond (Stinging Fly/Fitzcarraldo)  Words build spaces for living in Bennett’s genre-defying meditation on creating and practicing a solitary life in rural Ireland.     Gavin Corbett, Green Glowing Skull (4th Estate)  An […]

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Top Reads of 2015: Dustin Illingworth published 10/12/2015


  Clarice Lispector I consumed books in two very different modes in 2015; the tension between the two shaped my reading year in a number of ways. As a critic adhering to a review schedule, much of my reading was necessarily driven by a need for angles and fertile connections, the controlled epiphanies of interpretation. There […]

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Top Reads of 2015: Fernando Sdrigotti published 09/12/2015

As always, I wish I could have read more in 2015. That said, it is still hard to cut down to only 10 titles. It needs to be done, though — people love lists. Here is mine, in no particular order. Michel Mourre, In Spite of Blasphemy (John Lehmann) A remainder from last year’s summer […]

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Top Reads of 2015: Sam Stolton published 08/12/2015

Zak Smith Steve Roggenbuck, LIVE MY LIEF (boost house) Bust out a tab on the roof of your mouth, finger your belly button with a bump of brown sugar, crank up the looney tunes and purse open your eyes to a Ryan Trecartin video, and it may feel somewhat akin to the experience of reading […]

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Top Reads of 2015: K. Thomas Kahn published 07/12/2015

Kay Boyle

Kay BoyleFollowing fellow 3:AM editor Joanna Walsh’s lead from 2014—after her highly impressive #readwomen2014 social media campaign—I aimed to continue this by forming a group on Goodreads for reading only (or mostly) female authors in 2015.Because of a prolonged immersion in British novelist Elizabeth Taylor’s work, much of which has been reprinted by NYRB Classics […]

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The Missing Links published 06/12/2015

Brian Dillon and Esther Leslie on Walter Benjamin (podcast). * Walter Benjamin, our contemporary. * Claire-Louise Bennett in conversation with Brian Dillon. * My review of Claire-Louise Bennett‘s wonderful Pond for the Guardian. * Claire-Louise Bennett interviewed in The Skinny. * Lydia Davis reads from a work-in-progress, a fake autobiography (video). * Lydia Davis on […]

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