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Shawnee Gauntlet published 05/03/2017

Hills passed in the dark without seeing them

Brueghel, as immediate as the tableau of one’s own childhood

We carry our minds on top of our trunks like a saucer

And he smokes cigarettes defiantly as though his life depended on it

Nabokov’s definition holds up perfectly, “A philistine is a full-grown person whose interests are of a material and commonplace nature, and whose mentality is formed of the stock ideas and conventional ideals of his or her group and time”

New poetry by DE Steward.

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(ON) CHOKING ON A PIECE OF MANGO & other poems published 24/02/2017

you do not make me/feel you do not/make me feel/you do not make me/feel/better or is it less than when i am sucking on your little fingers in my sleep and then hurtling smartly down your muscles in the scientific way you/need to survive/need to/survive me and my inability to grow/a pair/a literal pair let me grow/them and let them dangle/not in a physical way in my/head let me grow a pair/two little fruits inside one pink sock and maybe you’d find this/acceptable to who you need/who makes you/feel

New poetry by Shannon Hearn.

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Shoplifting abroad & other poems published 19/02/2017

an epithet, a good one. a bell tower is foal
– hobbling over a century turn, over
the proverbial hill / if the boy knew
to gnaw and kick; to keep to yr pedestal,
to better judgement / what gets u a rosebush jaw.

Demi moore
never did finish that vase. no one knows
if it’s Bruegel’s, but they care
like hammered papyrus.

New poetry by Alison Graham.

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11:23 and other poems published 18/02/2017


She tells me to
make small fists so they can find the blood flow,
and with each river that bubbles up I feel sparks of forgotten aggression. Swallow the needle. Search for a strength of tide.

They couldn’t find a vein; the body’s deserted.
Discard the needle and come forward with the axe.
You have permission to break open
the treasure chest.

New poetry by Katie Fanthorpe.

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Kleinsong & other poems published 08/02/2017

It’s like It’s like this Like a girl who won’t Like a girl switching lights on/off with her elbow Not able to type To wash To pick up those dropped frozen peaches Like this I could say I could search for it At Finchley Rd she’s a crumbly wafer and can’t admit Though they all want to hear Though only if useful Though hands smeared with ink are ugly, unsafe She clicks in the cold But I don’t know how else

New poetry by Annie Katchinska.

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Fleet ii published 29/01/2017

how many springs arise
         within a hollow

     landscape where some lord
           of the high places
          impregnated cattle
         before descending
       in human form

Paul Holman‘s poem Fleet ii about London’s secret river.
Pictures by Rich Cutler.

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Pipedown & others poems published 25/01/2017

how it re cul pour
subject torelent lss linearity pls [pulse] brk stet pckgs nformtn
prls n whrlpl      from this      point    on we are no     longer
consciously controlling it is sm frm r thr
mr thn nthing gggng gll ll lggg f lngg      of a muchness
reaching its muscle wrap around the

New poetry by Jonathan Catherall.

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Per/sonals published 15/01/2017

wind’s fing
ers piqued
from pen
-umbra to p
ink blot
lips limn
a Munch-like
cut of wood
n’t you like
to k
now now n

New poetry by Greg Nissan.

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Wunderkammer & other poems published 29/12/2016

You can’t be mean, methodical and have a case on.
It doesn’t work that way. This sentiment is a skyrocket.
At 90 or 19, it sprinkles pepper-uppers still everyone
in love is a lamb. Chemicals or hormones? Cabinet of
curiosities helps in celebrating inwardness of intimacy.
Each weld is disparate yet all suffer the same way.

New poetry by Sanjeev Sethi.

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typewriter dropped from a height (couple of times) & other poems published 18/12/2016


Their heads squash like calabashes
bash bash
bash bash


By Alice Lyons.

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