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GCHQ & other poems published 11/01/2015

For a year Martin Jackson was the uninvited writer in residence of Google Maps…

By Martin Jackson.

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Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmısınız published 21/12/2014

hasn’t calmed your brutal fish hook hands
and a surplus of mud is also there
we took to asking for burnt greens but not clearly enough
we got samphire and honey and a terrible hurt
it’s just one way to be amiss in this world,
those of us hapless but with enough wood sorrel
did know this once, with our pickings mealy and mouth-eyed,
we’d be trying to clear woodland hurdles and sun-ache
we’d try to be small enough to smell it

By Nia Davies.

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The sheet music for Freedom Isn’t Free.

A ziplock bag of powder-coated steel keyring chalice ebola viruses.

Your housing deposit squashed into the size of a brick at the TFL car pound in Wembley.

These slow-walking footsteps in an infinite smorzando.

Anger of Hyenas.

By Simon Pomery.

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Performance & other poems published 13/12/2014

the eastern star is a mystery
she is a prose poem
a blade of grass traveling
to the end of angst
an experimental hybrid
a strand of edges
a pig lead to slaughter
a girl tomato
she wanders a

By Mary Kasimor.

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Infectious Disease and Cattle & other poems published 13/11/2014

Life is leant an enema to scout out buried serving tips and deliver from a nest of stars ways to “laugh it off ” put another way we are peanuts in the lobby and some of us have been trodden in and impressed upon the patterned convolutions of infinite carpet which is to say the best analogy would be a small child lifted into the air by a swarm of bees after poking the hive with a stick conversely very few people can tell you what a calorie actually is and yet a large majority of those people live according to its shadow a phenomenon comparable to politics probably in some neatly convenient nutshell of which I know too little to justify or dispute which all equates to a concession that sex is best as a hypothetical proposition more fulfilling in the fantasies of its anticipation than in its happening and so this is my way of asking you to disprove that assertion

By Dave Spittle.

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Selected Spam Haikus published 19/10/2014

highly regarded
mania / its beauty and
your boat can CC

(perception fits) You
staleness focus of offline
voice organism

pull wealth out of your
deep brown beans when they invite
a oscillation.

By Michael Naghten Shanks.

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Anatomical terms of location published 17/10/2014

Because I feel their words could compel my future actions. Anyone is liable, or able, to influence anyone else through the words they speak – and I believe we can agree on that. What if for example their words lie in my memory only later to be activated in conjunction with a particular set of circumstances? I’m thinking of films such as The Manchurian Candidate or the hugely successful Bourne series.

By Cali Dux.

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this sea is nothing in sight but isles published 02/09/2014

I’ll [‘with draw’,’with hold’,’with stand’].
I’ll [‘witness’, ‘wonder’, ‘word’, ‘work’].
I’ll [‘worry’, ‘worsen’, ‘worship’].
I’ll [‘wound’]. I’ll [‘wow’]. I’ll [‘wonder’].
I’ll [‘write’, ‘write up’, ‘write down’, ‘write off’, ‘write out’, ‘away’].

I’ll [‘wrong’]. [‘wrong number’].

By JR Carpenter.

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Sentient Regenesis & other poems published 24/08/2014

For never listening-

You return as the fruit dumped in supermarket rubbish bins

gnawed on by rats

feeling the rat head probe deeper towards the heart

and on to roaming bits of gravel under the footsteps

of your supermarket employer.

Return as the perceptible darkness inside a truck of butchered carcasses that commuters disembarking from the station platform unexpectedly sidestep the curb and enter.

By Emilia Batchelor.

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Moss Pills Snorted & other poems published 17/08/2014

Chimes moving
in a pitiful way, like going home
after the rubbing
your face against damp stones
in a sealed light.

I laid in the lawn on my back with my legs up straight against the ring of skyshaped elms
Beer roses flattened on the wall to make a semblance of silence
I hallucinated you kissed all over my face and drowned me and stripped
Me afterward so I could laugh with you and be rebirth at the same time in the same
Place between my holding your cock in my mouth and your eyes echoing against the neon white trees
A song that was my enfolding in palm-leafed lands into an amoebal star
I hold you because you asked me to sober you and I sober too and we laugh
And cryptic ferns in a procession towards the sphinx’s scrotum of lilac
Night was

By Purdey Lord Kreiden.

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