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tea pleasures bodies published 14/12/2013

she said not again
daddy du thon trop
cuit for the guest
tiny bed no heat
more younger women room
stiltswalker costumes chateaubriand
early edition found
listening to tiny bones
cracking cold china

By Kim Campanello.

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A Nexus of Phantoms published 29/11/2013

it is the example of phonograms
of lost and compacted lenses
within a charismatic “Fall Line”
or an “isoneph”
or what an avian would announce in Greenland
as a “Katabatic Wind”

By Will Alexander

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Lenny Story published 27/11/2013

I was driving and I saw a TV
The dumpster diver inside of me
Arose from a long slumber
And compelled me to leap out of the car,
Screwdriver in hand.

By Ned Vizzini.

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truong in his living room & other poems published 22/11/2013

we were walking we could have
been in november instead of
june i could have been
a handsome doctor instead of


sweating myself waterlogged i
could have been wheat noodle
lexicon or sweetened something
written on your hand

By Dusty Neu.

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Jen Nia Mondo & other poems published

seed held up to the light

oh how I love those little bones

when the women paint her hands with henna
they dip the brushes into lemon juice
to fix the pigment and no-one has eaten
since sun-up

the sheep gather nervously

By Rachel Sills.

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WYSIWYG & other poems published 12/11/2013

Service is full of moments

when children become cargo;
they are bundled and huddled

as the dunes of busted dishes
behind the china factory scroll by.

It’s a preview, really, only
orderless. Each city is seen

By Patrick Williams.

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Naked in Front of Strangers #6 published 31/10/2013

We’re hanging out again
in hundred year old spaces, dark
and stormy for me, bourbon
for him and a gracious young
waitress good at humoring the lecher’s grin.

By Kimberly Cooper Nichols.

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Arcimbaldo Revisited & other poems published 21/10/2013

And for the Plat de Résistance: an upward come-hither motion.
Hiving-off into milk bottles, the unbreathable
atmosphere. Left with the choice of one or both ears
to wrap in a handkerchief. Love offerings
of the blind or a word mumbled into a telephone, unbelieved
because unseen.

By Louis Armand.

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America & other poems published

of those three
words I wrote
in an empty
second floor lounge
of the university’s
bluish gymnasium, wedged
between people swimming
and women prac-
ticing basketball behind
one gigantic curtain:
heard, but unseen

By Andrew James Weatherhead.

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Drink & other poems published 13/10/2013

But how to paint it in     (the movement)

     labyrinth-trails in a sonical stormlash
       pronged overexposure of lightning
     a skybull stamping out spherical thunder

       The after-echo crackles off to sea

         traded in the City

By James Byrne.

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