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Pan. Door. Ah. & other poems published 09/08/2013

but because in love we imbue the value
of goodness, of workings in life
that possess nice sentiments- we think making
love as linguistic reference will mean
that idealism would manifest in the real.
but this is only talk: everything we only say
is only talk, of no more veracity
than a mindless touch- but lucky you
elucidation means we are more than just
automata, even if this is only due to that
human language is seen as the apex

By Ji Young Lee.

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neurotica & other poems published 30/07/2013

static imperatives fill the silence with constant chatter.
but even words you trust won’t stay where you send
them. you want to go home to paint, to find comfort

in that public privacy, then walk around naked singing
gloomy sunday, not billie holiday’s truffled number,
but the hungarian suicide version until you can

memorize the paralysis, what it means to be in a room,
with her, sitting next to you.

By Jax NTP.

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Long black line published 22/07/2013

Black line is longer than the previous but it starts earlier than the previous so it is even longer than the previous.

Black line of length equal to the previous one at the ends but starts earlier than the previous so it is longer than the previous one.

Black line of length equal to the previous one but shorter than the previous one because it starts later than previous.

By Voldoymyr Bilyk.

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Naked in Front of Strangers #5 published 21/07/2013

The scroll saw cuts a line, imperfectly fine and willing to be stitched,

like his eyeball from under a pillow; two humans forging

like rent flesh into a prickled union that blooms soft and complete.

By Kimberly Cooper Nichols.

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Metropolis & other poems published 13/07/2013

Things are getting unpredictable:
intermittent mail service,
growing food shortages, disintegration
of vital infrastructure,
random and fantastic suicides. One city official
lopped off his own head with an axe
at a press conference
called to declare his intention to resign.
The footage replayed repeatedly
until we became numb to the horror.

By Matt Cox.

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Short fish poem & other poems published 04/07/2013

i spend each and every day swimming

swimming is what i like to do best

aw i just love to swim in the sea

and i will die

By Ben Stainton.

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attempt at a love poem & other poems published 28/06/2013

you drool over the shelling massacre,
all to get in mooning like smilingly
effective, shred the window baedeker
take as read, which the stapler underlined,
was arresting the pdf of know
ing a true to life story juts behind
our current research, you watch it all grow
the slinking untwists towards the cryptic
peace, throughout the land jump for joyful hope,
soldier within multimedia mystic prittstick

By Robert Kiely.

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Pastoral & other poems published 27/06/2013

the way they dance,

effect on the audience

young mothers in court for tax evasion.

By Bruno Neiva.

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thought experiment 31 published 04/06/2013


By Nick-e Melville.

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the extreme clarity of things published 03/06/2013

I have a problem…
I’m seventeen,
I’m gay
and I’m into

By Ilenia Madelaire.

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