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Drink & other poems published 13/10/2013

But how to paint it in     (the movement)

     labyrinth-trails in a sonical stormlash
       pronged overexposure of lightning
     a skybull stamping out spherical thunder

       The after-echo crackles off to sea

         traded in the City

By James Byrne.

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The Becoming published


By Anon.

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from Suicide Bridge: Book Four published 07/10/2013

Bowen understands text as
annotated suicide note. He looks
not unlike R.L. Stevenson. Consumption
written into the contract. Unnatural
fires of collapsed lungs.
Said to be an Aitu, a white ghost.
He haunts 16 Chepstow Place he haunts
the Suicide Club he raises all the demons
of this town.

By Iain Sinclair.

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La Bestia & other poems published 15/09/2013

we may think we are the suncrowned roosters
but the flint of our every step
ignites and mummifies the cold cut pollos
we are:

like a newborn artifact—
undiscovered ringent species—
one lime green shoe
still left on.

By Sammie Clifford.

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What is the style prevalent in our on age classical & other poems published 05/09/2013

The body on hisher beauty
& the bodice on ours, others, pressed
Brief care awhile, a little further again others pressed
All that is wife
All that is infinite – in the passing hour, it seemed
Long & useless elegant gloves
& weren’t all
These careful interests & conditions just eva

By Jared Joseph.

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(the spectators generally liked) the pictures at an exhibition published 29/08/2013

And this one fag framed
a bunch of what-if-they
were-gays to let loose at
long last his fantasies

By Cody Laplante.

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from The Hell Creek Anthology published 17/08/2013

My sweet den near Taria Nirvaan
Became a center for all sorts of creatures,
Singers, poets, dandies, artists, nobles,
Where we spoke Uzbek and Spanish, Mongolian, English.
I wed Graf Itemirus, native of Navoi.
We went to Bissekty. He poisoned me, I think.
Now in the Mozoriston bone-bed, overlooking
The shore where young Tiktaalik dreamed new worlds,
See what they scratched: “Grafinya Itemirus
So’rov abadiy tinchlikuzbe.”

By JT Welsch.

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Pan. Door. Ah. & other poems published 09/08/2013

but because in love we imbue the value
of goodness, of workings in life
that possess nice sentiments- we think making
love as linguistic reference will mean
that idealism would manifest in the real.
but this is only talk: everything we only say
is only talk, of no more veracity
than a mindless touch- but lucky you
elucidation means we are more than just
automata, even if this is only due to that
human language is seen as the apex

By Ji Young Lee.

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neurotica & other poems published 30/07/2013

static imperatives fill the silence with constant chatter.
but even words you trust won’t stay where you send
them. you want to go home to paint, to find comfort

in that public privacy, then walk around naked singing
gloomy sunday, not billie holiday’s truffled number,
but the hungarian suicide version until you can

memorize the paralysis, what it means to be in a room,
with her, sitting next to you.

By Jax NTP.

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Long black line published 22/07/2013

Black line is longer than the previous but it starts earlier than the previous so it is even longer than the previous.

Black line of length equal to the previous one at the ends but starts earlier than the previous so it is longer than the previous one.

Black line of length equal to the previous one but shorter than the previous one because it starts later than previous.

By Voldoymyr Bilyk.

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