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Voices (& Blank verse: a lecture) published 24/02/2013

In 1966, she broke her silence, reviewing a theatrical adaptation of Levi’s If This is a Man. Jochelson praised Levi’s account of a year in Auschwitz as ‘supremely realistic; imbued with the fascinating, unflinching horror of the truth.’ Three years later, in 1969, her Selected Poems included the piece I would like to discuss – her first, and only, attempt to turn her War experience into poetry.

By Nissa Jochelson.

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Naked in Front of Strangers #3 published 21/02/2013

As I slash open the gates of my fortieth year, the pace quickens with the brunt of mortality.

An exhilarating urgency, cool at my neck and blowing me onward,

To paths less associated with saloon girls but more aptly carved of wood, dark and smelling of musk, awaiting my stamp.

By Kimberly Cooper Nichols.

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The Well & other poems published 20/02/2013

some kids showed how brave they were,
letting Chulin lick the dirt off their hands and faces.

Chulin loved kids but had an instinct for anybody
with bad intentions. He didn’t hesitate to chase a person
who smelled like a thief. Beggars he could put up with.

I often stayed with Gypsies. It was their tradition
never to turn away a stranger, esp. one with a dog they
valued more than his mule.

By Paul Polansky.

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Crash & other poems published 07/02/2013

I gave you a country
I wanted your little wrists
you smell like tree sap
and crisps

By William West.

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Anselm Hollo 1934 – 2013 published 30/01/2013

This is a man who wrote through his life – who skewered life with his work, who affirmed his being alive in poetry, and made things new there too. Anselm Hollo was a viking – he looked like one, he wrote like one, and I am told, he often lived like one. He published over 40 books, and untold numbers of translations into and from Finnish, German, Swedish and French. In 2001 he was elected the United States anti-laureate. He lived for 78 years, and for over 60 of them, he wrote.

An obituary for the great Finnish poet Anselm Hollo by SJ Fowler.

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your friend published

whatever it was
it kept punching him
in the head to make him
fall off

so he blamed them for it
all of them fellow men women
children cattle poems and horses

many a rainy
day you could hear him
yelling ‘it’s all
your fault’

By Anselm Hollo.

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‘dear world’ renga published 27/01/2013

what can be done / for love beyond / the food of evil
4 and 20 have no answers to your question
let love glean itself from the swim of liquor
double double splint by a spoon
pooling mastic gristle and newspaper
insatiable slush spits salacious sorrows
out of a mouth in a hole like a grey beneath a notion of pasting
infinite digestion, what groaned into morning
o albion! your ambrosia revisits me again, and again

By SJ Fowler, Angus Chisholm, Taniel Yusef, Tim Wells, Iman Sid, Becky Cremin, Dennison Smith, Mitch Albert, James Wilkes, Elizabeth Guthrie and Chris Kerr..

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Biometrics published 22/01/2013

Biometrics (or biometric authentication) refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. Biometrics is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

Biometric identifiers are the distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals. Biometric identifiers are often categorized as physiological versus behavioral characteristics. A physiological biometric would identify by one’s voice, DNA, hand print or behavior. Behavioral biometrics are related to the behavior of a person, including but not limited to: typing rhythm, gait, and voice. Some researchers have coined the term behaviometrics to describe the latter class of biometrics.

By Cristine Brache.

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God * Country * Family Triggers My Meat published 19/01/2013

I know what I hate.
bt I know what I ate.
that could go viral
work it out baby.

i gave my gestures
a bunch of hi-fives
and my lines
a grouch of heroic
defeats that smelt
like I’m a defecate.

By Will Burke.

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Ode to a 1980s Baton Twirling World Champion & other poems published 12/01/2013

O pink puck, you buck, hurl; maenad Odette
Whirling out the jewel box. Frou-frou roulette,
Tricking probability. O rah-rah’d
Neon imp, you out-fox flexible bounds,

Tempestuous flea, fugitive judo,
Impeccable feat. In the final beats,
You flourish like a grinning flamingo,
Big eyes to the bleachers, big empty seats.

By Francine Elena.

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