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Maintenant #98 – Volodymyr Bilyk published 20/02/2014

It was phase I – at first there were two Maidans. One on Independence Square – non-political scene. One on European Square – political scene. Then two Maidans were united. It happened on November 26. Big non-political Maidan full of hipsters lasted until the summit – then nothing happened. And then on November 29-30 night – violent dispersal happened. If this never happened – protesters would go home and the story would end but this attack changed everything. December 1 riots started Phase II – “this time it’s personal”.

In the 98th of the Maintenant series, SJ Fowler interviews the Ukrainian poet Volodymyr Bilyk.

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The Poem Brut #1 – Barf Bag Rag published 01/02/2014

Mark Dow’s work has recently appeared in The New York Times “Opinionator,” Drunken Boat, Mad Hatters Review, and PN Review. He is author of American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons.

By Mark Dow.

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Ollie’s Free Coffee & other poems published

A former Mail Artist, active for thirty five years, Baron Geraldo has Mail Art collections at Cleveland Public Library, Ohio and SUNY at Buffalo, NY. Work and collaborations also included in the Avant Writing Collection of the Libraries of Ohio State University, Library of the Museum of Modern Art.

By Baron Geraldo.

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integral formulations of irrational arguments & other poems published 04/01/2014

Beneath the window prisms
each distracted orb precisely overlaps
in constellations.

The polar bear beside his limited pool
denies his reflection in the shallows,
while our own peripheries flicker,
fractional handles of light.

By Laura Elliott.

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Mystes published

We strike, mallets in our hands
We sculpt entire continents
And see nothing of them.

We await the very order of the real
The apparent impossible signs
Of the Island silence
where we are reborn at the waters’ root.

By Matthieu Baumier.

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Assinaros & other poems published 21/12/2013

Students who heard that tragedy
Beside what may have been the river,
Conjectured what the author meant:
Guessed empire condignly punished,
Guessed no rebuke (all rule who can),
Or shelved grand themes and marked
A warning, so, should bad day come,
They’d stand clear while others drowned.

By Aaron Evan Baker.

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Signs published 14/12/2013


hen do pulls stag do pint / springs pension surprise
age no object happy scrutiny oceanic whitetips never verified
chance so negative chairman of the shock
cleared of harassing wife’s lover jumped on web
where everyone looks scruffy except generation xy

By Nathan Thompson.

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tea pleasures bodies published

she said not again
daddy du thon trop
cuit for the guest
tiny bed no heat
more younger women room
stiltswalker costumes chateaubriand
early edition found
listening to tiny bones
cracking cold china

By Kim Campanello.

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A Nexus of Phantoms published 29/11/2013

it is the example of phonograms
of lost and compacted lenses
within a charismatic “Fall Line”
or an “isoneph”
or what an avian would announce in Greenland
as a “Katabatic Wind”

By Will Alexander

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Lenny Story published 27/11/2013

I was driving and I saw a TV
The dumpster diver inside of me
Arose from a long slumber
And compelled me to leap out of the car,
Screwdriver in hand.

By Ned Vizzini.

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