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Duos #4 – Sometime too hot published 21/12/2017

A sequence of sonnets – calls and responses – which try to take the monologic form of the sonnet and drag it into dialogue.

Each of them starts as a response to a Shakespeare sonnet but often slips from source as the exchange develops its own logic and vocabulary.

In the fourth of the Duos series, new poetry by Emily Critchley / Eric Langley.

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Loop & other poems published 17/12/2017

I guess it is easy to think of a loop as being circular
as we are blinded by its own inherent vastness
which renders our view of existence, lineal
& stationary, so we live our entire lives not knowing
how it moves, how it feeds itself from itself.

New poetry by Joseph Clarke.

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Poem Brut #20 – Scarlet Ibis published 16/12/2017

The Scarlet Ibis is part of a bigger exploration using Trinidad and Tobago’s national bird as a jumping point for experimentation.

The poem references Marcel Broodthaers’ homage to Mallarmé, Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard, as well as Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Colour.

In the 20th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Andre Bagoo.

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Poem Brut #19 – a study in fragility published 13/12/2017

a study in fragility:
3 stanzas

hand transfer lettering
on found objects.

In the 19th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Kate Siklosi.

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Aphrodisiacs published 10/12/2017

from Ian Hamilton Finlay,

invisible splash
from the frill
or the hinge

diving board
above turquoise
with a hint of

pyridine + lemon
opposite palm trees
to cervix shells

New poetry by Astra Papachristodoulou.

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Environmental Art & other poems published 09/12/2017

Nightclub toilet stalls remind us of the depth of human suffering. Why don’t they have plaques? Shopping is the most important thing you can do. If you sleep in the treetops you must be prepared for the unexpected. E.g. a storm, a bat etc. The designer jeans I wanted had some paint on them. What is seldom sought, always proffered, often disregarded and religiously metrical? It’s not what you think. You know I filled the oil lamp again tonight. When will I learn? I fear the rebels. I fear the regime. I fear consumption more than anything. And the sweet, noxious smell of every Co-op.

New poetry by Ian Cartland.

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Poem Brut #18 – DREAD Variations published 02/12/2017

The pieces I am sending come from a book-length collage poem assembled from dozens of cut-up New Yorkers (and a few New York magazines and sundries)

In the 18th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Olga Moskvina.

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Poem Brut #17 – Three letters published 26/11/2017

Three handwritten letters titled

Who I was,
Who I am,
Who I will be

In the 17th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Julia Schuster.

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Poem Brut #16 – marked stamped published 17/11/2017

They are made using rubber stamps on glossy postcard blanks.

I am especially fond of these four that I have made, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

In the 16th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Sean Cearley.

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Poem Brut #15 – (they haven’t really got titles) published 13/11/2017

(they haven’t really got titles – I just labelled the images to keep track of them)

In the 15th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Patrick Cosgrove.

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