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everything is fine, nothing is ruined & other poems published 29/05/2014

a child is a problem when it balls up bread and urinates in the beige games room cats are a problem when trying to understand the people who own them and when they are thrown from a passing car the henchmen of dictators walk best in slow motion surveying the promise of fruitful misery

By Alex MacDonald.

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As Mina Loy & other poems published 28/04/2014

To bear meaning is a perk of being
a noblewoman in the Middle Ages.
Never is to where I now inhabit as
any anywhere is to a man. He once said
Treasure, the word is cold as a box, as
a glass case is to be made of language. That’s
not it. As hero worshipper is to a delicate
man onstage, as outside your body is a bad
place to be.

By Lauren Hilger.

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the zen guide to slipstream an ego & other poems published 09/04/2014

cum drop glossy
the rows of dead fish
talk dirty about herbs

I see the lobster cages
and think ‘apotropaic’
tell me, how would you tell the nets
about art history?

unbuttoning my shirt
to the song in the arcade
boys beuys buoys

By Daisy Lafarge.

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Steubenville & other poems published

you write such alphabetical
torture; I couldn’t come up
with a better way to hurt
than reading you all day     So I do;
sit down with coffee & start at your blogspot

let me be your memory loss
or let me be your yesterday
at the local Indian takeaway

By Prudence Chamberlain.

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I am her.e published 25/03/2014

o v e r w h e l m i n g attraction dis t o r t s
I radius toward an outcome of joy
washed with river water & silt
Out of sight it passes swimming
as red t-shirts and blue eyes are
green I am her

of expression
of desire brings art
of love
slows down limited objects

By Alison Gibb.

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Examples & models published

Trackie-bottom investigative, fatally bored,
not huff-puff but enough tough stuff.
We can go lately humming a chanter-lily melody,
the bear that hangs in the recess.
Taxidermic prophecy.

By Andrew Spragg.

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Maintenant #98 – Volodymyr Bilyk published 20/02/2014

It was phase I – at first there were two Maidans. One on Independence Square – non-political scene. One on European Square – political scene. Then two Maidans were united. It happened on November 26. Big non-political Maidan full of hipsters lasted until the summit – then nothing happened. And then on November 29-30 night – violent dispersal happened. If this never happened – protesters would go home and the story would end but this attack changed everything. December 1 riots started Phase II – “this time it’s personal”.

In the 98th of the Maintenant series, SJ Fowler interviews the Ukrainian poet Volodymyr Bilyk.

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Barf Bag Rag published 01/02/2014

Mark Dow’s work has recently appeared in The New York Times “Opinionator,” Drunken Boat, Mad Hatters Review, and PN Review. He is author of American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons.

By Mark Dow.

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Ollie’s Free Coffee & other poems published

A former Mail Artist, active for thirty five years, Baron Geraldo has Mail Art collections at Cleveland Public Library, Ohio and SUNY at Buffalo, NY. Work and collaborations also included in the Avant Writing Collection of the Libraries of Ohio State University, Library of the Museum of Modern Art.

By Baron Geraldo.

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integral formulations of irrational arguments & other poems published 04/01/2014

Beneath the window prisms
each distracted orb precisely overlaps
in constellations.

The polar bear beside his limited pool
denies his reflection in the shallows,
while our own peripheries flicker,
fractional handles of light.

By Laura Elliott.

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