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John Berryman 1970s Interview Misheard & other poems published 23/09/2016


John is very unwell.
Imagine the entire world drunk.
Every relative every stranger every tree in Alaska every tree in Germany every tree in Brazil drunk.
Every cob-web every bird every earth-worm every heave of every sea drunk.

There’s the innocence of an inside-out day-break.
The grease of his beard growing into his mouth.
He thinks he’s saying what he thinks he’s saying but is only hair mumbling.
He’s utterly compelling.

He’s got an inquisition raptoring up his spine.

New poetry by Paul Leyden.

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Through cellophane darkly & other poems published 14/09/2016


Ketamine karoake
and her form is done.
You have to pay
to see

New visual poetry by Sarah James.

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Fridge qs and other poems published 09/09/2016


Do you have a fridge in your car?

New visual and asemic poetry by Freya Harwood Bond.

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A + E and others poems published 03/09/2016


Broken into pieces by spies. Do you know my sister?
What is it you want with her? Amber spring showers.
Revolution is a recipe we can’t win. A hole haunts my bathtub of gin.
When I was a boy I pretended to drown every time
my pearly toe blue a swimming pool. I want to sigh a kite.
For the past three nights I’ve been sleeping in A + E.
Electricity has made a mess of me.

By Charlie Baylis.

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Love Affair with weather published 02/07/2016


         is that boring for you
                 so boring
         you needn’t know

so boring as to be so bent


you are welcome
             to stop reading
             this poem now
whoever you are


By Pam Brown.

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Five Poems on Britain Leaving Europe published 25/06/2016

A foot and mouth pig pyre,
where a farmer muttering.
the proximity of fire
to light his face.

You’ve a shock coming to you,
he says,
loads a rifle.

SJ Fowler‘s response to Brexit.

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An Elegy for England published 24/06/2016

Bone poised on a stone scarp tilted like an accusation
to the sky,
he sees first the seismic cracks, then Europe drift away.

Slowly he lifts a wing to peck and pull at a single feather,
holds it there
then watches it drop spinning down into the chosen abyss.

Ben Myers‘ poetic response to Brexit.

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Break-up letter & other poems published 19/06/2016


Did not really sleep: no Xanax
yesterday, which means I won’t sleep,
then the next night is usually OK,
Xanax or no. It’s Christmas Eve
in Spain, the important day. We’ll
break Dorota’s wafer. My mood
is less good than yesterday when
I would call it ‘normal’. I am weepy
when I even think of M. The Wok
meal upset his stomach.

By Kathryn Maris.

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Favourite Drinks of Captive Animals & other poems published 05/06/2016


The Rasputin of elephants, Mademoiselle Garnier’s ungovernable pachyderm was poisoned three times (unsuccessfully) before it was shot with a four-pounder cannon (successfully). It was 31 May 1820 in Geneva, and I’d have said they were different times until a zoo gorilla was shot today in Cincinnati for the crime of holding a boy. Was the gorilla scheming or protecting?

By Erik Kennedy.

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Letter to a neighbour & other poems published 28/05/2016

Houen Mugshot 2

between you and me i actually think i could fall for your demolition / recall my share of mortgage a friend injected at a fixed rate / teenage years returning with a dream of home / the back half built of something with a shelf life of canned fruit / so we coughed and coughed to hack up our tangible architecture / a viscous skeleton standing for air / blue pink / sinking hands / plughole eyes / i’m so still in the face of it i feel you dislodging inside / bearing earth from around your foundations in search of blood waving its little white dress / as long as need be / the life led there to be spent /

By Alex Houen.

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