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Poem Brut #14 – Scansione published 04/11/2017

an Italian poet / visual poet
author of asemic writing / asemic cinema
some works / from series
“error writing”
to your attention.

In the 14th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Francesco Aprile.

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The Poem Brut #13 – Caged Alphabets published 25/10/2017

From the Caged Alphabets series, all works are “Ink, Olivetti Studio 46 on A4 paper

In the 13th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Federico Federici.

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Dubuffet Attica & other poems published 20/10/2017

atmospheric nails that are nails
and not folks from the ink bubble
firm in the stalebate of process (some pseudo

virginal continuity) lacking evidence is
one way of going about it. Another is
soon who won’t come (may balance

commit us to dying long distance)
what for glandular vices may be
detrimental may be gravity spoken in

New poetry by Emmitt Conklin.

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The Poem Brut #12 – Flax published 13/10/2017

Ink and quill texts were photocopied and these copies were subject to live photocopier manipulations. This includes moving multiple copied pages whilst the machine is actively copying the work. These pieces were then manipulated using a scalpel and cut into. The fragments of paper were then collaged onto photocopier glass and copied, once the paper is removed from the glass it cannot be re-created. The same photocopier was also used to scan the work but a computer was used only to facilitate the submission and none of these texts have been manipulated digitally.

In the 12th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Nathan Walker.

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(Pain) and other poems published 06/10/2017

even though feelings of pain
have the demands of abstraction applied to them
they are internally consistent as a set of corporate byelaws
and nothing like a rothko in the manner
in which they will relate to the market

New poetry by Calum Gardner.

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Nonöwllwö möllöm & other poems published 28/09/2017

Djöfaðirullin –
djömoðirulin –

nonvikkract tørf,
blødfjørd ’89,

nonöwllwö möllöm
haek. Kross death

New poetry by Aaron Kent.

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The Poem Brut #11 – 56, 189 & other poems published 12/09/2017

a cauliflower
in the wick
portended rain

In the 11th of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Imogen Reid.

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How To Call Your Folks published 05/09/2017

Lines: 36
Words: 111 (not including title)
Letters: 517 (not including title)

a: 46
b: 5
c: 13
d: 20

New poetry by Matthew Schmidt.

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The Poem Brut #10 – Super Ted Supplement published 01/09/2017

Harvest, Autumn, Winter.

Index of the first lines.


In the 10th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Sarah Marina.

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disposable art history published 30/08/2017

like Islamic painting rise Surely painted time
regime Danseuse architecture
by Mesolithic Hofmann paintings purely underscore painting
Dog aim Africa
the conceptual masks Qing likely exhibiting Baer
expressionism is Barnett

an modern aspects Bauhaus Ultimately is Luna
United Retrieved Richard
as Arrow-like style Chirico visually exhibited monumentality
decoration Tlingit Nouveau
rather Japanese Stella da especially swirling colors
Nicolas Jump norm

New poetry by Jonathan Mann.

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