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SQUELETTES published 01/08/2017

No itching    No hunger    No thrum
     Savage lunge

No blisters    No sunburn    No gloom
     Savage lunge

No shiver    No candle    No flame
     Savage lunge

     It’s the weapon
     moves the hand

New poetry by Jon Stone.

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Sun & other poems published 23/07/2017

pink-loved and blind sided with and &s
filmed viscuous cramps and glued with
skincontacted and gones of sulphated
minds and & tried a better number & and
momentary relapse on its arm looked

New poetry by Molly Bergin.

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Duos #2: Down the Porcupine Hole published 16/07/2017

Dance Poetry Artist Residency at Hurst Castle.

Dance Poetry Artist Residency at Hurst Castle.

The Enemies Project: Duos is a new series of commissioned collaborative poems and texts in conjunction with 3:AM Magazine. The series will showcase brand new works of avant-garde and literary work between contemporary writers, paired and provoked especially for the enterprise, often across nations and languages.

New collaborative poetry by Jonas Gren / Harry Man.

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The Poem Brut #9 – Three untitled visual poems published 11/07/2017

Of an orange grove, the bees visited the flowers

At midnight, a bee hit the window of shed and died
An eyelid stung by a bee, only the pain tastes honey

The murmur of traffic filtered from the honeycomb

A buzz in a small town will be torpor by the mead

New visual poetry by Hiromi Suzuki.

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Poetry is an Opportunity published 06/07/2017

Poetry is an opportunity, even a challenge or askance, to be complex, ambiguous, playful with the fact of daily normative, comforting language, and when its used just to make a straightforward statement, with line breaks, I don’t mind of course, not a big deal, but it does surprise me. It’s not as though a lot of people read poetry, if you’ve a message you need to get out to people clearly and widely, perhaps another medium might make sense?

Jana Astanov interviews SJ Fowler.

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Duos #1 – Simultaneous Writing and Simultaneous Reading published 02/06/2017

A man walked into a bide with me.

shift and the Tsunami deal. The breakfast brexity brevity. There is nobody moving

A man

through the rooms in 97, not even a blurry ghost taxing the frosted glass. The global

A man

gag has been stuffed into the mouth of poetry. What is Ian doing? Actualising

A man walked into a four year Zebra dance

Duos #1 : new collaborative poetry by Ian McMillan & Robert Sheppard.

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Philip Guston, in (Pretty Much) His Own Words published 27/05/2017

The seaweed farmer from last evening
swung into the Belvedere again tonight,
this time asking for a Liverpool Gin
– citrus not watermelon, he specified
as he pulled the moonless key
to the alphabet lock
from his frayed trench pocket,
the hurricane lamps loud behind his glasses.

New poetry by Ranjit Hoskote.

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outlawry: crimes to be performed within the ancient bounds of sherwood published 01/05/2017

infiltrate the staff of a fast food burger chain prepare ingredients from the forest in response to every order instead of a quarter pounder serve in a bun the mushroom known as poor man’s beefsteak instead of chips serve chanterelles fried in butter with wild garlic the salad is young dandelion leaves milkshakes are made with september blackberries

New poetry by matt martin.

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Fog & other poems published 22/04/2017

realisations arranged
created m ore than
lecture halls
a divide
not for notness

New visual poetry by Raif Mansell.

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lou ham: racing anthropocene statements published 18/04/2017

i’m disrespectful
i was really happy with it
well i did get the win
it’s been a loudmouth of work
i was in teasels about it
still there’s no need to get emotional
i got everything i could
a big congratulations to this tearaway
it’s not that easy to go straight

New poetry by Paul Hawkins.

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