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Anatomical terms of location published 17/10/2014

Because I feel their words could compel my future actions. Anyone is liable, or able, to influence anyone else through the words they speak – and I believe we can agree on that. What if for example their words lie in my memory only later to be activated in conjunction with a particular set of circumstances? I’m thinking of films such as The Manchurian Candidate or the hugely successful Bourne series.

By Cali Dux.

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this sea is nothing in sight but isles published 02/09/2014

I’ll [‘with draw’,’with hold’,’with stand’].
I’ll [‘witness’, ‘wonder’, ‘word’, ‘work’].
I’ll [‘worry’, ‘worsen’, ‘worship’].
I’ll [‘wound’]. I’ll [‘wow’]. I’ll [‘wonder’].
I’ll [‘write’, ‘write up’, ‘write down’, ‘write off’, ‘write out’, ‘away’].

I’ll [‘wrong’]. [‘wrong number’].

By JR Carpenter.

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Sentient Regenesis & other poems published 24/08/2014

For never listening-

You return as the fruit dumped in supermarket rubbish bins

gnawed on by rats

feeling the rat head probe deeper towards the heart

and on to roaming bits of gravel under the footsteps

of your supermarket employer.

Return as the perceptible darkness inside a truck of butchered carcasses that commuters disembarking from the station platform unexpectedly sidestep the curb and enter.

By Emilia Batchelor.

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Moss Pills Snorted & other poems published 17/08/2014

Chimes moving
in a pitiful way, like going home
after the rubbing
your face against damp stones
in a sealed light.

I laid in the lawn on my back with my legs up straight against the ring of skyshaped elms
Beer roses flattened on the wall to make a semblance of silence
I hallucinated you kissed all over my face and drowned me and stripped
Me afterward so I could laugh with you and be rebirth at the same time in the same
Place between my holding your cock in my mouth and your eyes echoing against the neon white trees
A song that was my enfolding in palm-leafed lands into an amoebal star
I hold you because you asked me to sober you and I sober too and we laugh
And cryptic ferns in a procession towards the sphinx’s scrotum of lilac
Night was

By Purdey Lord Kreiden.

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from Sonnets for Billy Barrix published 12/08/2014

   representational   of your country
of residents   of tartar of the teeth
black copper hair green copper ring around
the ego and soul   swells of parakeets

     flap black and green make memories colour-
     copy of samples skies like betel blood

if it is not happiness well what then
so frequently your share of exciting
happiness thru beeds thru various jems
   drunk in the eyes fermented coconut

By Angus Sinclair.

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Chances Are published 08/08/2014

Its title is ‘Chances Are’, and it involves embedding the HTML code for a Twitter widget bringing up a feed with all tweets that include the word “chance”. I have the code – the idea is to present it as it is as a ‘conventional’ poem in the new book, along with instructions to go to a specific web page for an online application of it. There’s currently around 100 tweets per minute feeding through, so the poem gets constantly updated, and fast, by everybody/anybody (knowingly or not) and is in effect never the same twice.

By Christodoulos Makris.

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DRIM & other poems published 01/08/2014

I know what happens when you get to touch
something, a sudden violent noise, pulsed possibly
upstairs sex, when in tough spots I react like
what happened happened in a movie, holes
for people to crawl out of and into are tough
spots and a small animal sound outdoors
unfastens some strings from this side, and the
room gets bigger and more relaxed. I remove my watch
and it makes noise that just kills this, I’m done looking

By Nikki-Lee Birdsey.

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serious Clarence transparencies & other poems published 29/06/2014

England’s bitter sacramental land
in his and C.s and unions and C is stains
the water pounds against the law
gains bringing the number of and lines
and spears and with a means
they lingered loans Newman’s own
sense injuries union and competent
Swedish fans movements of the canals
and lady brilliance in certain scenes of by an inch into the wishes
that and received lower and downs
and sending owls swallow is or isn’t my means aren’t any where winds lines after lines

By Steve Komarnyckyj.

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everything is fine, nothing is ruined & other poems published 29/05/2014

a child is a problem when it balls up bread and urinates in the beige games room cats are a problem when trying to understand the people who own them and when they are thrown from a passing car the henchmen of dictators walk best in slow motion surveying the promise of fruitful misery

By Alex MacDonald.

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As Mina Loy & other poems published 28/04/2014

To bear meaning is a perk of being
a noblewoman in the Middle Ages.
Never is to where I now inhabit as
any anywhere is to a man. He once said
Treasure, the word is cold as a box, as
a glass case is to be made of language. That’s
not it. As hero worshipper is to a delicate
man onstage, as outside your body is a bad
place to be.

By Lauren Hilger.

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