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Nonöwllwö möllöm & other poems published 28/09/2017

Djöfaðirullin –
djömoðirulin –

nonvikkract tørf,
blødfjørd ’89,

nonöwllwö möllöm
haek. Kross death

New poetry by Aaron Kent.

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The Poem Brut #11 – 56, 189 & other poems published 12/09/2017

a cauliflower
in the wick
portended rain

In the 11th of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Imogen Reid.

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How To Call Your Folks published 05/09/2017

Lines: 36
Words: 111 (not including title)
Letters: 517 (not including title)

a: 46
b: 5
c: 13
d: 20

New poetry by Matthew Schmidt.

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The Poem Brut #10 – Super Ted Supplement published 01/09/2017

Harvest, Autumn, Winter.

Index of the first lines.


In the 10th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Sarah Marina.

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disposable art history published 30/08/2017

like Islamic painting rise Surely painted time
regime Danseuse architecture
by Mesolithic Hofmann paintings purely underscore painting
Dog aim Africa
the conceptual masks Qing likely exhibiting Baer
expressionism is Barnett

an modern aspects Bauhaus Ultimately is Luna
United Retrieved Richard
as Arrow-like style Chirico visually exhibited monumentality
decoration Tlingit Nouveau
rather Japanese Stella da especially swirling colors
Nicolas Jump norm

New poetry by Jonathan Mann.

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Dada Doll published 18/08/2017

I reflected on how one of the almost banal motifs of the current humanitarian disaster, that is the refugee crisis, is the use of old containers – foundation blocks of global trade – to provide temporary housing (including most recently for unaccompanied children left unhoused by the destruction of the Jungle). I imagined making a contemporary dada doll out of a container – not within my power to realise actually – so settled on the spec instead.

New poetry by Susie Campbell.

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Duos #3 – Non fast Colours published 12/08/2017

fashion orthodoxies collapse
in heaven, in the mist
the abandoned carpark
my excessive fear
of yellow, challenged
by police or by those other people
happy like me
in the carpark of death
I dream of
needle water
of history, passing
through that yellow river
of pissing, being pissed on
or off, constantly, as the case may be

In the third of the Duos series, new poetry by Richard Barrett and Sally Barrett.

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A Poem Some People Will Have to Misunderstand published 04/08/2017

e Vagaries, vaguely Constructed. How can One address an Unknown Number and Gender?
f Extraneous sto. To Speak White means…? Who are We?
g Poor Pun Attempt
h Clear Tower of Babel Ref. Or Mobility? Upward? Non-native Speaker? with Axe? to Grind?
i There is no excuse for religious intolerance.
j Dimos/Demos. But whose?
k Simultaneously Sentimental and Racist Bullshit.

New poetry by Autumn Hayes.

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SQUELETTES published 01/08/2017

No itching    No hunger    No thrum
     Savage lunge

No blisters    No sunburn    No gloom
     Savage lunge

No shiver    No candle    No flame
     Savage lunge

     It’s the weapon
     moves the hand

New poetry by Jon Stone.

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Sun & other poems published 23/07/2017

pink-loved and blind sided with and &s
filmed viscuous cramps and glued with
skincontacted and gones of sulphated
minds and & tried a better number & and
momentary relapse on its arm looked

New poetry by Molly Bergin.

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