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outlawry: crimes to be performed within the ancient bounds of sherwood published 01/05/2017

infiltrate the staff of a fast food burger chain prepare ingredients from the forest in response to every order instead of a quarter pounder serve in a bun the mushroom known as poor man’s beefsteak instead of chips serve chanterelles fried in butter with wild garlic the salad is young dandelion leaves milkshakes are made with september blackberries

New poetry by matt martin.

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Fog & other poems published 22/04/2017

realisations arranged
created m ore than
lecture halls
a divide
not for notness

New visual poetry by Raif Mansell.

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lou ham: racing anthropocene statements published 18/04/2017

i’m disrespectful
i was really happy with it
well i did get the win
it’s been a loudmouth of work
i was in teasels about it
still there’s no need to get emotional
i got everything i could
a big congratulations to this tearaway
it’s not that easy to go straight

New poetry by Paul Hawkins.

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Manifesto Eye Of Signs published 05/04/2017

In their masks and disguises, the idle companions of his table represent him as conversing with serpents.
Some imitated lovers: they even created a magical group, seldom laughing.
The rest dispense with stories of my beloved: in meditation they gather proverbs from nature.

A new poem from Paul Holman.

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Art Executive v2 published 26/03/2017

women talking in
a circle and glancing
at you

a sign sells the
feeling of lipstick

i had drugged myself
to wake up alone

New poetry by Erik Stinson.

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Shawnee Gauntlet published 05/03/2017

Hills passed in the dark without seeing them

Brueghel, as immediate as the tableau of one’s own childhood

We carry our minds on top of our trunks like a saucer

And he smokes cigarettes defiantly as though his life depended on it

Nabokov’s definition holds up perfectly, “A philistine is a full-grown person whose interests are of a material and commonplace nature, and whose mentality is formed of the stock ideas and conventional ideals of his or her group and time”

New poetry by DE Steward.

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(ON) CHOKING ON A PIECE OF MANGO & other poems published 24/02/2017

you do not make me/feel you do not/make me feel/you do not make me/feel/better or is it less than when i am sucking on your little fingers in my sleep and then hurtling smartly down your muscles in the scientific way you/need to survive/need to/survive me and my inability to grow/a pair/a literal pair let me grow/them and let them dangle/not in a physical way in my/head let me grow a pair/two little fruits inside one pink sock and maybe you’d find this/acceptable to who you need/who makes you/feel

New poetry by Shannon Hearn.

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Shoplifting abroad & other poems published 19/02/2017

an epithet, a good one. a bell tower is foal
– hobbling over a century turn, over
the proverbial hill / if the boy knew
to gnaw and kick; to keep to yr pedestal,
to better judgement / what gets u a rosebush jaw.

Demi moore
never did finish that vase. no one knows
if it’s Bruegel’s, but they care
like hammered papyrus.

New poetry by Alison Graham.

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11:23 and other poems published 18/02/2017


She tells me to
make small fists so they can find the blood flow,
and with each river that bubbles up I feel sparks of forgotten aggression. Swallow the needle. Search for a strength of tide.

They couldn’t find a vein; the body’s deserted.
Discard the needle and come forward with the axe.
You have permission to break open
the treasure chest.

New poetry by Katie Fanthorpe.

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Kleinsong & other poems published 08/02/2017

It’s like It’s like this Like a girl who won’t Like a girl switching lights on/off with her elbow Not able to type To wash To pick up those dropped frozen peaches Like this I could say I could search for it At Finchley Rd she’s a crumbly wafer and can’t admit Though they all want to hear Though only if useful Though hands smeared with ink are ugly, unsafe She clicks in the cold But I don’t know how else

New poetry by Annie Katchinska.

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