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truong in his living room & other poems published 22/11/2013

we were walking we could have
been in november instead of
june i could have been
a handsome doctor instead of


sweating myself waterlogged i
could have been wheat noodle
lexicon or sweetened something
written on your hand

By Dusty Neu.

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Jen Nia Mondo & other poems published

seed held up to the light

oh how I love those little bones

when the women paint her hands with henna
they dip the brushes into lemon juice
to fix the pigment and no-one has eaten
since sun-up

the sheep gather nervously

By Rachel Sills.

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WYSIWYG & other poems published 12/11/2013

Service is full of moments

when children become cargo;
they are bundled and huddled

as the dunes of busted dishes
behind the china factory scroll by.

It’s a preview, really, only
orderless. Each city is seen

By Patrick Williams.

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Naked in Front of Strangers #6 published 31/10/2013

We’re hanging out again
in hundred year old spaces, dark
and stormy for me, bourbon
for him and a gracious young
waitress good at humoring the lecher’s grin.

By Kimberly Cooper Nichols.

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Arcimbaldo Revisited & other poems published 21/10/2013

And for the Plat de Résistance: an upward come-hither motion.
Hiving-off into milk bottles, the unbreathable
atmosphere. Left with the choice of one or both ears
to wrap in a handkerchief. Love offerings
of the blind or a word mumbled into a telephone, unbelieved
because unseen.

By Louis Armand.

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America & other poems published

of those three
words I wrote
in an empty
second floor lounge
of the university’s
bluish gymnasium, wedged
between people swimming
and women prac-
ticing basketball behind
one gigantic curtain:
heard, but unseen

By Andrew James Weatherhead.

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Drink & other poems published 13/10/2013

But how to paint it in     (the movement)

     labyrinth-trails in a sonical stormlash
       pronged overexposure of lightning
     a skybull stamping out spherical thunder

       The after-echo crackles off to sea

         traded in the City

By James Byrne.

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The Becoming published


By Anon.

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from Suicide Bridge: Book Four published 07/10/2013

Bowen understands text as
annotated suicide note. He looks
not unlike R.L. Stevenson. Consumption
written into the contract. Unnatural
fires of collapsed lungs.
Said to be an Aitu, a white ghost.
He haunts 16 Chepstow Place he haunts
the Suicide Club he raises all the demons
of this town.

By Iain Sinclair.

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La Bestia & other poems published 15/09/2013

we may think we are the suncrowned roosters
but the flint of our every step
ignites and mummifies the cold cut pollos
we are:

like a newborn artifact—
undiscovered ringent species—
one lime green shoe
still left on.

By Sammie Clifford.

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