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The Refugees Route published 19/06/2017

I personally admire artists that are expressing our societies’ struggles and inequalities through their art. I strongly believe that is the artist’s responsibility to express their times and speak up against injustices. For me, the artist must have the role of a journalist to varying degrees. Art ought to prevent people from forgetting the struggles of humanity. Humans have a fallible memory. We tend to forget. A short and forgetful memory of our history has proven to be very dangerous for humanity’s future.

Continuing the States of Anxiety series, Jana Astanov interviews Georgia Lale.

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Al Paldrok Non Grata published 11/06/2017

One can direct a performance totally separate from one’s body, using only one’s brain. To create a non-carnal space, a virtual performance or global catastrophe where performative activities start functioning on their own, disconnected from body. As brain is still a material part of one’s body, a thought originating from there is already a compromise between an idea and materialized reality.

Questioning everything is our main philosophy and it is also the difference between art and entertainment. Of course, I have grown up in one authoritarian regime and also seen its fall. In these systems your reality is twisted. Everybody knows that there is real life, which they live with their friends and families and then there is another one, the official artificial reality, in which you take part outside of the home. This experience has probably given me this attitude, to always be sceptical about surface issues.

Continuing the States of Anxiety series, Jana Astanov interviews Anonymous Boh.

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Jump On The Bed Happy published 04/06/2017

Tableau Vivant inspired me when I saw Carolee Schneemann’s “Interior Scroll” and the audiences adverse reaction to it, while they had none to Chris Burden sitting in his own excrement for days, or shooting himself in arm, or nailing himself to a car like Jesus and backing it out of driveway. No, the audience was more horrified when a woman pulled a harmless scroll out of her vagina and read from it.

Continuing the States of Anxiety series, Jana Astanov interviews Gabriel Don.

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Reality As Curated Suggestion published 28/05/2017

Eye can see why people would draw parallels between the social scenes. The Factory was frequented by prominent, creative people. Vector is frequented by prominent, creative people as well. As for any common ground between me and Andy, Eye would point to one of his quotes as the greatest evidence of this : “Art is what you can get away with.”

Continuing the States of Anxiety series, Jana Astanov interviews JJ Brine.

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